TJ Transport: Innovation

Close up of aggregate - Asphalt


Throughout the UK, thousands of miles of public highway, car parks and private roads are being renewed daily, resulting in a vast amount of bituminous ‘waste’ break-out or planings. Subject to a screening process, this waste can be transformed into a product that meets the Department of Transport (DOT) Specification for Highways Works Type 4 material. However, the demand for this product greatly outweighs the supply.

In addressing this problem, we have developed our own innovative sub-base product mixture, Reclamix®; whereby this ‘waste’ forms 500kg of every 1000kg produced, creating a product that retains the functionality and compliance of the more widely used DOT Specification for Highway Works, clause 803 (Type 1), whilst in the price bracket of a recycled aggregate.

TJ Transport bulk haulage lorries loaded with aggregates