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Love it or hate it, DIY is one of those things that we all have to get involved in at one time or another. Whether you reluctantly pick up the paintbrush when forced to do so, or if you’ve always got a DIY project on the go, TJ has a range of products and services that could help you on your way.

Skip hire

Hiring a skip can take a lot of the stress out of those larger DIY projects. You won’t have unsightly piles of waste on your driveway or have to do endless trips to the tip at the weekend. You can literally deposit all your unwanted materials straight into the skip and job done!

We can deliver a skip to you as quick as the next working day, or you can book one in for a future date to suit you. Our skips can be hired for up to two weeks, with a 5% discount for short hires of up to four days.  We’re flexible so if you’ve gotten the job done faster than you thought and filled the skip before your designated pick-up date, you can simply get in touch and we’ll collect it sooner.

We offer skip sizes starting at 2 yard, right up to 12 yard so there’s a skip to suit every project. Our skip dimensions can be found on the individual skip pages.

  • 2 yard ‘mini’ skip: this is ideal for small domestic and garden jobs. It will hold 20-30 bin bags’ worth of waste and won’t take up much space.
  • 4 yard ‘midi’ skip: perfect for projects such as kitchen or bathroom refits. This skip can hold 30-40 bin bags and is also good if space is limited.
  • 6 yard ‘maxi’ skip: this is the original builder’s skip and one of the most frequently hired. It can hold between 50 and 60 bin bags of waste, which makes it ideal for medium-sized projects such as house renovations and clearance of gardens, garages and lofts.
  • 8 yard ‘mega’ skip: the most popular skip size in the UK, this skip can hold 60-80 bin bags’ worth of waste. It is often used for bulky and heavy waste and is perfect for major renovation work or full house clearance.
  • 12 yard ‘jumbo’ skip: ideal for larger jobs such as full office or house clearances as well as a range of commercial projects, this skip can hold the equivalent of around 120 bin bags.

Kitchen and bathroom refits

If you’ve decided to replace your kitchen or bathroom and want to make some cost savings, ripping out the old furniture before the kitchen or bathroom fitter starts is a great way to do this.  One of our 4 or 6 yard skips may be ideal to throw all of your old cabinets, worktops and flooring into. Our skips can give you a way to quickly get rid of your entire kitchen or bathroom, with the exception of fridges or freezers which require specialist disposal routes. So don’t be afraid, throw everything else in there – even the kitchen sink!

Driveway renovations

Replacing your driveway is no small feat; it can be quite a big job depending on what type of drive you currently have and what you have chosen to go for. You will probably use a professional company to lay your new drive, but you can keep the costs down by removing your old driveway surface yourself. If you are able to completely clear the area ready for the company to start installing, you should save a significant sum.

Tarmac, gravel, concrete and paved driveways can be removed by DIYers who aren’t afraid to use a bit of muscle! You’ll need a pick-axe, sledgehammer or electric jackhammer depending on the material, but the surface will soon be broken down. This is the time when a skip would come in handy! You’re putting in enough effort, so being able to sling the waste straight into a skip will save you time and energy, where it may be in limited supply!

Garden projects

If you’re taking on a garden project, you’ll probably be surprised by how much garden waste you produce! Installing or removing a pond, putting in raised borders, returfing the lawn or creating new patios/paths could result in a large volume of unwanted rubble or soil; one of our versatile skips will be ideal for accommodating this.

Garage and house clearance

If you’ve decided it’s time for a good clear out, a skip will make the process quicker and easier! Make room for your car in your garage by getting rid of any old garden furniture, rusty bikes or discarded cardboard boxes leftover from the kids’ Christmas gifts! Likewise, giving the loft the once over will probably result in bag after bag of unwanted items that would feel right at home in a TJ skip! We sort and recycle any items that can be salvaged from our skips so rest assured that it won’t all go to landfill.

Grab hire

TJ has a fleet of 6 and 8 wheel grab vehicles that you can employ to remove waste when doing a big DIY project. Grab hire may be preferable over skip hire if the waste is particularly bulky or heavy as you can wheelbarrow it from the source to your driveway and leave it on the ground. It will then be ‘grabbed’ directly from there. This will save you the effort of having to lift load after load of heavy waste into a skip, which is usually at chest height and would require additional lifting and shifting.


TJ offers a range of aggregates that could be useful for your external DIY projects. We can supply you with:

  • Topsoil for returfing your garden
  • A choice of gravel if you’re redoing your driveway and opting for gravel
  • Sand for various garden projects, installation of block paved driveways and maintenance of paved driveways

Our sand is sourced from Forest Lodge, TJ’s sand and gravel quarry in Hythe, Hampshire. Find out more about the quarry and its products.


Discover the range of services TJ offers and how they could make your DIY project that little bit easier…

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