Man and Van service

Our man and van provision encompasses a number of services which are undertaken by our fleet of 7.5 tonne box vans and accompanying TJ drivers.

These can be part of an ongoing commercial waste management contract or ad hoc jobs as and when required; we’re flexible and will do all we can to meet your waste removal needs.

Site clearance

If you have a site or premises that needs clearing such as a house or office, we can provide you with a complete removal service to take the strain. We will remove everything from the site – unless otherwise instructed – and will transport it to one of our Materials Recovery facilities for sorting and recycling, utilising the Energy from Waste route for anything that cannot be recycled.

Managing waste in an office environment - TJ Waste

Office recycling collections  

Our service is versatile so you can opt for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections or as and when required according to your volume of waste. We can provide clear bags in which to gather your recyclables, source internal recycling bins on your behalf or do loose collections of bigger items such as cardboard and boxes. 

We typically collect paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal tins and cans,- basically anything that cannot go in the general waste bin. Please get in touch if you need further clarification on specific items.

Fridge collections

We offer a fridge collection service to commercial customers in Hampshire and West Sussex and the surrounding areas. Most modern fridges contain gases such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) which replaced chlorofluorocarbons (CFC gases) post-1995. This makes fridges a hazardous item and more difficult to dispose of.  

However, this is now something that we are able to offer commercial clients as part of our waste disposal services. All fridges collected (or received at our Materials Recovery Facilities) will be sent for onward recycling; we have an established partnership with an accredited company that responsibly handles, dismantles and categorises the fridge parts so that each element can be safely recycled or disposed of.

Mattress collections  

We have now established a successful recycling route for mattresses, a product that has proved tricky in the past and that may have ended up being sent to landfill. We have a contract with a partner organisation to dispose of large numbers of used mattresses each year and this new route will make the process easier as well as more eco-friendly.

All mattresses transported to this facility are taken apart to separate the different materials. Most modern mattresses are made of different types of foam with a textile covering so these are categorised, with each different element being recycled separately.

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