Corporate Social Responsibility

Final Straw Foundation

We have formed an official partnership with the Final Straw Foundation, a charity dedicated to improving ocean health and reducing plastic waste. We will work together to maximise the amount of waste that makes it to the correct end destinations, ensuring responsible disposal.

In the past we’ve donated skips for beach cleans and assisted the charity in disposing of some tricky waste materials including emptying a huge metal fish-shaped container full of plastic bottles and an old boat!

Now that the partnership is official, the Final Straw Foundation can call on us for help as and when needed and in return, TJ will be recognised as their official waste disposal partner.

The Foundation will feature TJ on their website, in blogs and on social media, which will be a great way to get the word out that we’re a great company to work with, as not only do we assist in charity work such as this, but we’re also a responsible company who always ensure all waste is disposed of in the correct and best possible ways.

Moving On Project Portsmouth

We provided free waste disposal services to the Moving On Project Portsmouth, a charity that helps families or individuals that are experiencing financial hardship whilst setting up their first home or in replacing household items.

Moving on Project Portsmouth (MOPP) is a registered charity that works alongside various service providers to help these families by supplying furniture and household items that are donated by the general public. 

They are supported by Portsmouth City Council, who provide storage units at a reduced rate and they also awarded them a grant, enabling them to purchase a van which is used to collect donations and help with removals. Since their creation in 2017, they have helped over 200 families and individuals.

When MOPP approached us to ask for support with waste disposal, TJ was more than happy to assist. We invited MOPP to bring any waste they had to our Materials Recovery Facility in Tipner, where it would be sorted and separated to ensure as many of the materials as possible could be recycled.

Portsmouth Marathon

We have sponsored the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon for the past four years, providing overall support for the event as well as supplying much-needed waste management services free of charge.

We provide eurobins along the route to ensure that any waste generated throughout the event is captured, minimising littering and pollution. One of our van drivers will be on location to empty the bins regularly, with the waste will be transported back to TJ’s Materials Recovery Facility in Tipner for sorting and recycling.

We formed this partnership back in 2017 in a bid to give something back to the community by helping to make events such as these possible for all to enjoy.

Runners at the Clanfield Challenge

THE Clanfield Challenge

We have provided support to the Clanfield Challenge since its inception in 2016 by taking care of the waste management for the event free of charge. The Clanfield Challenge is an annual event set up to raise money for local charities and projects, who can apply for grants of up to £500 which will come from the profit pot.

Projects that have benefitted from grants in the past include local church building repairs, music lessons for school pupils, football kits for local youth football clubs and sensory play equipment for a non-profit organisation. 

The event was originally set up by volunteers from Serenity Digital and Clanfield Joggers in collaboration with Clanfield Online, a website funded by local businesses for the benefit of the community. This type of community event is the type of thing we are always keen to assist with to benefit local communities.

Havant Rugby Football Club

We are now official sponsors of Havant Rugby Football Club for the 2021/22 season. The Club approached us in the spring to ask if we’d like to sponsor them and we were very keen to help. We will provide the Club with waste disposal support during the redevelopment of their storage and training facilities in preparation for the new season.

South Downs Show

We provided waste management services for the South Downs We provided waste management services for the South Downs Show 2019. The show is set in the South Downs National Park and is an interactive, educational and fun family event. We provided two 12-yard skips, along with a number of wheelie bins, which were dotted around the site, with the waste being taken to our Materials Recovery Facility in Tipner for sorting and recycling when the event was finished.

Active Nation

Active Nation is an outdoor sports centre and initiative in Southampton that encourages people to get active. With this in mind, they hold fun obstacle course race events twice a year and we support them by providing empty skips to use as part of these courses free of charge.

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