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Right now, with many companies unable to operate because of either the enforced government lockdown, staff shortages due to sickness/self isolation or lack of work to keep them in business, the continuing operation of TJ Transport is even more important.

TJ is a key business as they provide many services to essential works, particularly those focussed on construction and infrastructure. As such, they remain open during lockdown and are continuing to deliver many of their transport and waste services.

Haulage is a service that is imperative to keeping projects going despite the circumstances. TJ is able to offer various haulage services, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A reliable fleet

When it comes to bulk haulage solutions for the construction, building materials and waste industries, TJ is able to deliver. Trusted and reliable, we operate a large and versatile fleet of bulk haulage vehicles, capable of transporting a range of materials, waste and freight loads throughout the UK.

Our bulk haulage fleet encompasses:

Over 90 8×4 wheel tipper lorries: these are ideal for transporting a range of construction materials and wastes including: inert waste i.e. soil and hardcore (muckaway), asphalt, aggregates, heavy duty loads i.e. rock armour and contaminated waste.

Nineteen 6×2 tractor units: these have access to a range of trailers and are also known as artic lorries. We use these to transport aggregates directly from quarries/wharves, and most bulk waste streams including refuse-derived fuel, non-recoverable landfill waste, wood, plasterboard and metal.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, safety and reliability, at competitive prices. Our fleet is accredited by the TfL Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, whilst all of our bulk haulage vehicles boast advanced safety and communications systems.

We prioritise safety

TJ holds FORS Silver Status. which is an impressive accolade in the haulage industry. It shows that TJ’s operating levels are extremely high and that they are going the extra mile to provide a top quality service. One of the requirements of FORS Silver is that drivers have to undergo Safe Urban Driving training, which sees them out on pushbikes. This aims to keep cyclist safety at the forefront of drivers’ minds.

To maintain the Silver Status, TJ’s drivers have to complete the following training:

  • E-learning courses such as cycle safety, terrorism, incident risk prevention, safe loading of vehicles etc – carried out yearly.
  • Safe Urban Driving – carried out five-yearly. This involves drivers spending time on bikes to experience lorries from a cyclist’s perspective.
  • MPQC – carried out five-yearly. This is accredited by the Mineral Products Qualification Council and deals with site safety awareness and vulnerable road user training.

TJ also won the Transport for London Award in 2018 for reducing occupational road risk for the company’s drivers. Criteria for the award included showing how technology, management systems and behavioural initiatives can reduce road accidents.

Driver training

TJ has a strong focus on driver training. There is an annual induction event during which drivers receive training to update their skills and learn new ones. There are also different training requirements that need to be met to satisfy different customers. For example, Highways England encourages drivers to hold a Passport Scheme competency card to enter sites to ensure competency. Other clients require drivers to have a Site Safety Awareness (MPQC) Card which also covers vulnerable road user training. Drivers must also complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years in order to be able to continue to drive commercially.

Haulage top tips

  • You may need haulage services on separate occasions – perhaps to deliver aggregates and also for muck away, so factor this into your planning and get it booked – demand may be higher than usual if the services are in demand.
  • Decide which aggregates and materials you’ll need and how much of each – this will affect prices and which vehicle will need to be allocated for your deliveries.
  • The cost of haulage will vary depending on the amount of materials that need to be transported, so be sure to ask how costs are calculated and get a quote in advance.
  • When will you need to employ these services? TJ can usually turn orders around pretty quickly, so get in touch to discuss your timescales.

TJ is here and happy to help – give us a call to discuss your haulage requirements today!

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