A guide to UK SKIP SIZES

When it comes to hiring a skip, there are a number of things to consider.

With a huge variety of different skip sizes available for hire, it can be difficult to know which one will accommodate the quantity and type of waste you need to dispose of. We’ve created a skip size guide to help our customers decide which is best for their project.

It is important to choose the right skip size – too small and you will have unwanted waste left over and you may have to hire another skip. However, a skip that is too large will cost more than you need to pay and take up unnecessary space on your site or property.

How are skips measured?

Skips are measured in cubic yards, with standard sizes ranging from 2 yards through to 35 yards. Usually, domestic customers tend to need skips that are up to 8 yards, whilst our commercial customers will need skips that are up to 35 yards. Whatever you’re working on, there’s sure to be a skip to meet your specific requirements – it’s just a matter of selecting the right one.

To help you choose the skip size that you need, we’ve put together a guide of the most common skips sizes in the UK. You will also be able to see how much room each skip will take up, how much waste will fit in each skip size and the starting price to hire from us.

2 yard skip

Our 2-yard skip, also known as a ‘mini skip’, is the smallest and cheapest skip available for hire. It is compact which makes it perfect for small domestic jobs, such as garden work and DIY projects. It can accommodate approximately 20 to 30 bin bags full of waste.

Volume: 1.5m3

Dimensions: 1.2m (L) x 0.91m (W) x 0.76m (H)

Capacity: 20 to 30 bin bags

Price: from £125.40

2 yard skip

4 yard skip

Our 4 yard skips, also known as ‘midi’ skips are a popular choice for domestic waste disposal as they are convenient and affordable. With the capacity to accommodate approximately 40 bin bags full of waste, the 4 yard skip is ideal for kitchen and bathroom refits, as well as major garden clearance projects. It is relatively small in size and can be stored in a garden or on a driveway.

Volume: 3m3

Dimensions: 1.83m (L) x 1.29m (W) x 0.97m (H)

Capacity: 30 to 40 bin bags

Price: from £152.00

4 yard skip

6 yard skip

The 6 yard skip, also known as the classic builders skip, is one of the most frequently hired skips in the UK. With ample space to accommodate around 60 bin bags, this skip is perfect for moderate amounts of bulky waste. The 6 yard skip is ideal for use on building and construction sites, as well as for domestic projects such as kitchen, bathroom, and home renovations. This skip size can either be kept in your garden or on your driveway. Alternatively, you can pay for a permit to keep your skip on the road.

Volume: 4.6m3

Dimensions: 2.6m (L) x 1.52m (W) x 1.22m (H)

Capacity: 50 to 60 bin bags

Price: from £194.75

8 yard skip

For larger projects, the 8 yard ‘mega’ skip offers plenty of space to accommodate approximately 80 bin bags of waste. This generously sized skip is an ideal choice for use in a variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic projects. This could include major renovation work, household clearances or commercial waste management. Skips of this size are not suitable for heavy loads, such as rubble, as it will make the skip too heavy to be lifted once full.

Volume: 6.1m3

Dimensions: 3.66m (L) x 1.68m (W) x 1.22m (H)

Capacity: 60 to 80 bin bags

Price: from £237.50

12 yard skip

A 12 yard ‘jumbo’ skip can hold approximately 120 bin bags of waste, or large amounts of light bulky waste, such as furniture, plastics, and packaging waste. With this in mind, these skips are particularly popular amongst shop fitters, as well as on building and manufacturing sites. This skip size cannot be filled with heavy waste materials, such as bricks, because the skip lorry would not be able to carry it.

Volume: 9.2m3

Dimensions: 3.7m (L) x 1.78m (W) x 1.68m (H)

Capacity: 120 bin bags

Price: from £361.00

12 yard skip graphic

17 yard skip

The 17 yard skip, also known as the Roll on/Roll off skip, is typically found on commercial and industrial sites with large amounts of waste. This usually includes waste material like rubble, construction waste, garden waste, soil, wood, metal, and plastic. This large-scale skip is very rarely used for domestic purposes and is typically used for commercial and industrial waste disposal.

Volume: 13.1m3

Dimensions: 6.09m (L) x 2.44m (W) x 1.81m (H)

Capacity: 150 to 200 bin bags

Price: Quote available on request

17 yard RoRo skip hire

35 yard skip

The 35 yard skip is ideal for large volume commercial waste producers and large scale construction operations. This extra-large skip is perfectly placed to accommodate everything from wood, metal, plasterboard, plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper, through to dry recyclables, window frames, builders waste, and demolition waste. It’s commonly used for commercial decommissions, refits, construction jobs, or yard bins for large volume waste producers.

Volume: 26.9m3

Dimensions: 6.09m (L) x 2.44m (W) x 2.1m (H)

Capacity: 300 to 400 bin bags

Price: Quote available on request

35 yard roro skip hire

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