Changes to Skip Highways Licencing in Hampshire

TJ Waste skip hire delivered in Portsmouth

Hampshire County Council, the licencing authority for placing a skip on the public highway in Hampshire outside of Portsmouth and Southampton (City Council authority), have announced that a cost review has been undertaken and a fee increase for skip licencing will apply on 9th October 2018.

A public highway may be described as a road (carriageway), pavement, footpath, field or grass verge to which the public have right of access to.

Licences are required to ensure the skips do not block access to property or apparatus within the highway, restrict visibility at junctions, accesses and crossing points or reduce highway widths to an unacceptable extent.

Only approved skip hire providers, such as TJ Waste & Recycling, can apply for a licence.

Details of the fee increases for placing a skip on a public highway in Hampshire are as follows:

Licence Current Fee New Fee TJ Fee (Including Admin, Insurance, Cones and Lights)
Skip – Initial 7 Day Licence £22.50 £46.50 £60.00
Skip – Additional 7 Day Licence £22.50 £22.50 £35.00
Roll On/Off Skip – Initial 7 Day Licence £55.50 £79.50 £95.00
Roll On/Off Skip – Initial 7 Day Licence £55.50 £55.50 £71.00

You don’t need a licence if you’re putting the skip entirely on private land, such as a driveway, garden, or privately owned space within a car park.

Further information can be found on the website.

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Luke Haskell
26 September 2018