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Plans are being made for TJ’s fourth annual health and safety event, which is held to keep staff up-to-date on health and safety practices and to maintain their training levels. The 2020 event will take place Thursday 2 January – Monday 6 January.

This year’s event will be little different to previous years in that the Health, Safety & Welfare and Company Policies sessions for both Transport and Waste employees will encompass both sides of the business within them, rather than just concentrating on the side of the business that those employees are from. This will ensure that the same basic message on these topics is conveyed to the entire workforce, which should help Transport and Waste staff feel more ‘as one’.

Activities taking place on Thursday 2 January will be held at Gloucester Cricket Club for TJ’s Avonmouth-based lorry drivers. Events planned for Friday 3 and Monday 6 January will take place at South Downs College, Waterlooville, for TJ’s Hampshire-based lorry drivers and site operatives.

Each day will kick off with an introduction and safety briefing from Fleet Manager Lee Downer, followed by an opening address from Chairman Terry Higgins.

Employees will then be divided up into four predetermined groups. Each group will complete a round robin of four different hour-long sessions, which will be separated by 15 minute breaks and lunch halfway through. On completion of all four sessions, a final consolidation session will take place and will include administrative tasks such as the completion of sign-off forms and health surveillance forms etc.

This ‘school day’ format ensures employees don’t experience information overload and that they get time in between sessions to digest the information they’ve received. The sessions will be delivered in classrooms or outside using company vehicles to aid with practical exercises. Each session will be delivered by a different office-based employee to ensure participants aren’t hearing the same voice all day, which should also aid information retention.

Transport employees will complete the following four sessions:

  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • Company Policies
  • Company Procedures & Technology
  • Practical Vehicle Walk Round Checks & Truck Force

Waste site employees will complete the following four sessions:

  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • Company Policies
  • Daily Plant Checks & RPE Maintenance
  • Company Procedures

Compliance, Health & Safety and Legislation Supervisor Jack MacFarlane, who is organising the event said:

“We’re really excited about this year’s event. A lot of thought has gone into the various elements of the event and we hope that staff emerge the other side with greater knowledge of health and safety practices, enabling them to continue delivering exceptional services to our customers.”

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