Destination Portsmouth board game – TJ’s on the board!

TJ Waste are sponsors of the new Destination Portsmouth 20th Anniversary Board Game, which is now available to pre-order! TJ is proud to be supporting this local venture, which is made by Rachel Lowe Games and Puzzles.

Rachel Lowe is a local entrepreneur who had the idea for the Destination board games whilst working as a taxi driver in Portsmouth. A passenger, a university lecturer, encouraged her to attend university and she liked the idea, so she enrolled for a degree in Law and Business as a mature student at the University of Portsmouth.

In 2003 Rachel funded the production of the first Destination board game through an enterprise competition at the University of Portsmouth and sponsorship deals with local companies.

Toy retailer Hamleys launched the first edition, Destination London, for Christmas 2004 – 2,500 copies of the game were sold and it was the store’s highest selling game of the year, beating classic games like Monopoly. Over 25 versions of the game have now been produced including Destination Southampton, Destination New York, Destination South Africa and Destination The World.

TJ’s Managing Director, John Gosling said: “Rachel approached local companies that have been running a similar time to the Destination games to offer them the chance to become sponsors. As a local company to Portsmouth, we’re always keen to support local ventures such as this and were very happy to be part of this. It’s great to see the TJ name on the board!”

The game is now available for pre-order – order now to receive yours before Christmas! The game will make the perfect gift for those living in the Portsmouth area and a great board game for Christmas fun with family and friends!

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Luke Haskell
6 November 2023