Inert waste disposal in the Somerset area

TJ have secured exclusive rights to reinstate slurry lagoons in Castle Cary, Somerset. TJ is the only waste disposal company that is permitted to fill the lagoons and this will be done using inert waste from construction sites in and around the area.

We’re appealing to construction companies in the rural and urban areas surrounding Castle Cary to get in touch if they have inert waste they need to dispose of. Using our reliable fleet of tipper trucks, we can quickly be on-site to collect your waste and take it away at a very competitive rate.

Not only will this remove one thing from your to do list, but you can also rest assured that your waste will be in the best possible hands as TJ are one of the leading waste management companies in the South and South West regions.

TJ commenced this exciting project earlier this month and expect to complete the site restoration later this year, when they will move onto a pipeline of other similar operations in the local area. The process of filling the lagoons will mean that the site will be returned to arable land that can be used for growing crops in the future.

TJ also provides a road sweeper service that construction companies can utilise to ensure that the roads surrounding their sites are kept clean. Our sweepers will routinely clean the area around the exit of the site, as well as the neighbouring roads, sweeping up materials that are transferred on vehicles’ wheels. By opting to use our service you can ensure cleanliness around your site, which will portray a professional operation and result in happy neighbours!

Please contact us – drop us an email or give us a call on 08000 463 964 to discuss your inert waste disposal or road sweeper service needs. Our friendly team will be able to talk you through all you need to know and get the services you require booked should you wish. 

Alternatively, you can call our Business Development Manager, Kevin Longland, directly on 07468 691185 or our Commercial & Operations Manager, Paul Smith, on 07392 082771.

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Luke Haskell
23 June 2020