New IT system will improve customer experience

TJ is preparing to launch a new IT system that will merge all elements of their service offering, providing a smoother, quicker service for customers and a higher level of efficiency for staff.

The new system will incorporate software called Aderro, which will be used at every step of the service journey, from quote creation, booking, delivery through to invoicing. At present, the various stages are dealt with in different ways – one system for quotes, another for bookings and with drivers still using hard copy paperwork a lot of the time.

Aderro will join all of these up, which will improve the customer journey, as all the information will be accessible in one place and instantly, as it’s all online. Customer details and their order history will be stored on the system, making it easier to retrieve information for repeat orders and to serve regular customers.

Aderro will be installed on TJ employees’ desktop computers and on Samsung Galaxy tablets for the drivers. One huge advantage this will provide is that driver communications, such as the daily vehicle walk-around safety checks will be instantly accessible, as they’ll go straight into the system rather than via paper. This will enable transport office staff to deal with any requirements quicker and more effectively.

TJ’s Finance Director Barry Curtis and Transport Controller Mark Tyler have been leading the project. Mark said:

“This is a really comprehensive system that will allow us to measure and monitor the business more effectively. In addition, we will be able to review the efficiency per vehicle, per day, which will undoubtedly lead to us identifying improvements that can be made to add value for our customers.”

The software has been developed by Fissara, who specialise in operational management software. The system is currently going through the testing phase, with the launch planned for Quarter 1 of 2020. Mark and Barry have been working through the testing phase, ensuring that any glitches are ironed out along the way.

Mark’s primary aim is to make the customer-facing aspects of the system as effective as possible, to ensure an exceptional customer experience. He is also focused on the operational side to ensure it works to the best of its abilities and saves users as much time as possible.

All TJ employees will be given training on the new system, with training being tailored to suit different users and their roles within the company. The system will also have a device management feature, so if a driver is having problems using their tablet on location, someone at head office will be able to log in and sort the issue remotely.

Mark added:

“This system will make everything so much smoother as it’ll all be in one place. We’ll be able to communicate with customers more effectively and they’ll have access to the information they need almost instantly too. Time will be saved all round with less admin and all service elements synced. We hope this will all result in a professional, seamless service for our valued customers.”

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Luke Haskell
25 November 2019