TJ added to official COVID-19 supplier register

TJ has been added to the official COVID-19 supplier register after offering up their services to help in any way they can during the pandemic. The list contains the names and contact details of thousands of companies that are at the disposal of the UK government and related services, should they need them during this critical time.

The purpose of the list is to communicate which suppliers are still operating and what services they are able to provide, in a bid to help the public sector maintain their provision during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The Crown Commercial Service, who created the register, have asked TJ to complete a survey every time they fulfill an order, or if they need to make changes to their offer, as this will help the CCS to ensure that customers and suppliers are being matched correctly, making the best use of the offers available.

Each of the goods and services offered has been categorised by what’s on offer and the region it is being offered in. There may be some gaps in the data and times when the goods and services listed are no longer available, but the CCS are updating the catalogue on a daily basis.

The register can be viewed here. TJ has offered two main services – waste collection and waste guidance consultation. The waste collection services will cover many different aspects such as skip hire, roll-on-roll-off skips,containerised collections and van collections. They will match their offering to the needs of the customers. Skips are available in all sizes from small 2-yard skips, up to 12-yard jumbo skips as well as 17 and 35-yard containers. Learn more about our range of skips now.

TJ specialises in all types of waste collections, from general waste to all types of recycling from cardboard to wood and everything in between. They also deal with confidential and hazardous waste; nothing is too much for TJ.

The waste guidance service they are also offering is to allow customers to get in touch to ask advice on how best to dispose of various types of waste. The pandemic may be leading to an increase in certain types of waste – particularly hospital and medical waste and packaging – and this is something that TJ can help with and advise on.

If you are in need of any of TJ’s services during this time, please get in touch to discuss further.

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Luke Haskell
15 April 2020