TJ boasts first-class safety software system

TJ has an impressive software system dedicated to facilitating safety in the workplace and its presence has led to a huge emphasis on a safety-led culture across the business.

The software is called Effective and put simply is a-cloud based compliance system that is used to store vast quantities of information such as HR records, training records, risk assessments, day to day documents, audits, tool box talks, material safety data sheets, workplace accidents, near miss reports and more.

TJ’s dedicated Health & Safety Compliance Supervisor, Jack MacFarlane, is the main user of the system, spending the majority of his working week on it. Staff use the software to raise near misses within the workplace. A near miss is an incident that results in no injury or damage but which has the potential to do so.

Jack said:

“So far this year employees have raised in excess of 300 near misses, which is a huge increase on last year’s total of 206. This demonstrates a big shift in safety culture within our business. All our employees are encouraged to raise any near miss that occurs as this allows the management team to take action to ensure everyone remains safe within the workplace.”

Every near miss that is raised must be actioned by Jack. Sometimes they just require a short email to resolve them and other times they require full investigations which can take longer to complete.

Over 10,000 training documents are also stored on the system as well as sign-off sheets, driving licences, CPC cards, eye checks, certificates of competence and so on. All of these documents are equally important as they illustrate to TJ which employees are trained and competent to complete certain tasks and jobs. It also allows training needs to be identified.

Every workplace accident and road traffic accident report is uploaded onto the system. The system prompts the user to ask and answer certain questions when investigations into why such accidents occurred are carried out. It also generates a large array of different reports providing information on what time of day accidents normally occur (just before lunch and just before hometime), what the most common type of workplace accident is (slip, trips and falls), who is reporting the most near misses, how many days we’ve lost to workplace injury etc.

Every form that is used on a daily/weekly/monthly basis is now stored on Effective, which ensures employees are using the correct paperwork and versions of it across our sites and this has in turn improved TJ’s quality management system.

TJ also operates another software system called Vimsy which provides training for employees. The system allows drivers to log on and update their training and has resulted in reducing occupational road risk for the company’s 165 drivers and helping make our roads safer. This accessible online learning was mentioned when TJ was presented with the Transport for London Award and was a contributing factor in TJ attaining FORS Silver Status.

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Luke Haskell
5 November 2019