TJ complete project at Skylark Golf & Country Club

TJ Transport has recently completed a project at Skylark Golf & Country Club to raise and improve a bund that surrounds the existing compound to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Skylark had heard about the great work that TJ has done at Stoneham Golf Club and decided to enlist TJ’s services to make some improvements to their own course.

TJ used their 8-wheel tipper lorries to transport the materials to the site and an excavator to dig out the bund to improve it and raise it up. Top soil and ‘as dug’ soil was used for the project, with these materials coming from a number of TJ’s existing sites.

TJ drivers and machine operators were instrumental to the success of the project as they transported all the materials to the site and operated the machinery needed to get the job done. They also purchased Track Ballast and Type 1 I blend to construct a new compound floor.

Once complete, the bund looked much-improved and gave the golf course a more professional look and feel. Skylark opted to use TJ for the project because of the excellent reputation they have for carrying out high-quality work.

Transport Supervisor Dan Shortt managed the project. He said:

“The client had heard good things about TJ and the professional standard we bring to each and every job we carry out. It was a bigger job than anticipated as the clients added a few extra tasks along the way, but we took it all in our stride and got the job finished on time.”

The project took around six weeks to complete and Skylark were extremely happy with the outcome of the project. They are now in discussions with TJ about doing two further projects for them.

This positive feedback has spread and several other golf clubs in the area have got in touch to express an interest in employing TJ to complete projects for them.

The project at Stoneham Golf Club was to create an enhanced and modern driving range and practice facility. The works and modifications significantly improved the Club’s practice and teaching facilities for members and visitors to the golf club.

TJ managed the process from start to finish, from supplying the materials and transporting them to the site, to carrying out the shaping, screening and placing work. TJ staff were on-site building the new practice facility using TJ’s bulldozer, excavators, dumpers and screeners to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

The materials used for this project came from construction sites where the clean inert material would otherwise be going to landfill. The materials are tested, approved and diverted to this project instead, ensuring the best recycling practices possible.

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Luke Haskell
30 January 2020