TJ donates skips to Petersfield RFC strongman competition

TJ Waste donated two skips to Petersfield RFC for use in their strongman competition: Petersfield’s Strongest Novice, which took place on Sunday 5 June.

The Club got in touch with TJ a few months ago to enquire about skips and asking for a quote. When TJ discovered what the skips were going to be used for, they were happy to provide the skips free of charge in support of the event.

To thank them, Petersfield RFC named TJ as the event’s official sponsor. TJ already sponsors the Club on an annual basis and they were keen to extend their support in this way as part of that partnership.

TJ delivered the skips to the Club early on Saturday morning and collected them swiftly on Monday morning to ensure they weren’t in the way prior to or after the event.

The skips themselves were used in one of the events, the Loading Medley. This involved four implements being placed 10 metres away from the skips, a mixture of kegs and sandbags at different weights, and the athletes had to pick them up and run them to the skip and throw them in. The person to complete the task the quickest, won.

There were five events in total. The other four consisted of the Axle Deadlift (as many reps as you can do in one minute), the Overhead Medley (lifting four different implements from the floor and pressing them overhead), the Farmer’s Carry (you have to carry two very heavy weights 30m in the fastest time) and the Atlas Stones (five big concrete balls varying in weight to be loaded on to platforms, quickest time wins).

There were four categories in the competition – Mens Open, Mens Under 105kg, Mens Under 90kg and Women. This is the first year that the Club has held the event, but they’re hoping to make it an annual event if the interest remains high.

The event benefited those in the local area who are interested in strongman events – some of which train at Petersfield RFC – as well as the Club itself which was able to raise money on the day through bar and cafe sales, all of which goes straight back into the Club.

Jamie Hobbs, who is a strength coach working from the rugby club gym and his wife Lucky Hobbs organised the event. He said: “We love the sport of strongman and the club, we knew the two would come together brilliantly which gave us the idea to put on the event at the Club. The weather held off for us and it was a great success! TJ were brilliant from start to finish; from offering to supply the skips free of charge, to timely and prompt delivery and collection, and being great to deal with throughout! We really appreciate their support.”

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