TJ facilitates plastic recycling

TJ Waste is working in partnership with two local companies to help divert plastic ice cream tubs from landfill and direct them into the recycling process.

Jude’s Ice Cream are one of TJ’s clients. TJ carries out weekly loose recycling collections from Jude’s dairy in Twyford, Winchester, where they produce the ice cream. They usually collect around 100kg of mixed recyclables from them each week.

TJ has recently established a new recycling process for certain types of plastics and realised that Jude’s unwanted plastic ice cream tubs and offcuts would be ideal for it.

Jude’s confirmed that they were happy for their plastics to be recycled and instructed TJ to organise this for them. When the plastic ice cream tubs are recycled, they are made into a new product – pellets – which will then be moulded into new plastic products.

The latest equipment for recycling plastic materials is used in this recycling process to ensure that the highest quality products are maintained.

TJ can also offer expert advice on how to recycle your own products to give you the best possible solution for your waste material. TJ is a certified recycler and licensed carrier registered with Environment Agency.

Jude’s Ice Cream is a local family business that is run by a father and his two sons Alex and Chow. The brand was named after the boys’ mum, Jude. The father originally set up the company and when the boys joined, they quickly realised that their products were so good that they could be pitched to the high-end restaurateur market.

They were soon working with top chefs around the country, developing unique flavours for their menus. Along with commercial production of their range of flavours, the business is doing well and they’ve now bagged over 40 Great Taste Awards.

Luke Haskell, TJ’s Marketing Manager said: “It’s great that we’ve been able to divert all this plastic waste from landfill to recycling. The fact that it is processed into a product that is able to be reused as something else is fantastic and can only have a positive impact on the carbon footprint.”

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Luke Haskell
4 July 2019