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Over the past few years TJ has worked in partnership with several local golf clubs to create new and improved grounds, surrounds and facilities. TJ manages the projects from start to finish from initial concepts to completion of both structural and aesthetic aspects.

Interested golf clubs approach TJ with an outline of the improvements they need and our knowledgeable TJ team share ideas and best practice to achieve the desired outcome. Once plans have been finalised, planning permission has to be gained before work can commence and the final plans must be adhered to.

TJ always works within the guidelines of the plans in place, whilst also taking any additional client requirements on board to ensure they are happy with the service being delivered as well as the end results.

TJ’s Commercial Director Steve Grant said:

“We’ve been undertaking the golf course work for several years now and our team has built up a great deal of expertise in this area. We’re able to undertake pretty much any groundworks that are required and have so far completed every project on time and within budget. We welcome enquiries from any golf clubs in Hampshire and the surrounding counties that are considering improvement works.”

The all-in-one service means that TJ is responsible for all aspects of the project from providing initial advice and guidance to supplying the materials and transporting them to the site, undertaking the structural changes and groundworks and completing the work to a finished standard. 

TJ has a team of staff on-site every day to ensure continuity and that the project is completed in a timely manner. TJ’s heavy plant fleet is utilised to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 

Jason Harvey was the site supervisor of one of TJ’s recent golf club projects. He said:

“My role involves everything from dealing with the lorries as they come in, directing and instructing them on where to go and what to do, to liaising with contractors, customers, architects and surveyors. I’m essentially the ‘face’ of the site. Everyone comes to me with their queries and I ensure they get sorted.”

Why choose TJ for your golf course improvements?

  • We’ve built up a great deal of experience in the area of golf course improvements in recent years – experience that we could bring to your project.
  • Our reputation goes before us – we are known for great customer service and quality workmanship in all we do.
  • You can trust us with your project; we’ll take the reins and ensure you get the results you wanted, on time and on budget.
  • We can get involved early on to advise and guide or hold back until plans are in place and go from there.
  • We offer an all-in-one service so we can manage all aspects of the project from start to finish.
  • We’re competitively priced and able to fit in with your timescales.
  • We have a wide range of materials and equipment to hand and great contacts within the industry for any additional resources we may need.

Projects to date


TJ created an enhanced and modern driving range and practice facility at Stoneham Golf Club, which is now nearing completion. The work has been undertaken with the aim of establishing the club as the premier golf course in Hampshire as part of their strategic 5-year plan.  

The works have been on-going at Stoneham since autumn 2018 and since the project commenced, vast amounts of soil have gone into the site to increase the profile of the land and address the drainage issues that existed. The new ground is ideal for its intended use and will put Stoneham Golf Club into a league of its own. The new facilities are due to officially open at the end of the year.

The materials utilised for this project came from pre-selected construction sites where the clean inert material would otherwise have gone to landfill. Instead the aggregates were tested, approved and diverted to this project. TJ has used recycled aggregates wherever they could on this project to ensure sustainability.


TJ completed a project at Skylark Golf & Country Club to raise and improve a bund that surrounds the existing compound to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Skylark heard about the great work TJ had done at Stoneham Golf Club and decided to enlist TJ’s services to make some improvements to their own course.

TJ used their 8-wheel tipper lorries to transport the materials to the site and an excavator to dig out the bund to improve it and raise it up. TJ’s drivers and machine operators were instrumental to the success of the project as they transported all the materials to the site and operated the machinery needed to get the job done. Once complete, the bund looked much-improved and gave the golf course a more professional look and feel.


TJ has completed Phase 1 of the Littlehampton Golf Club project, which involved modifying and improving three of the 18 holes and constructing a new practice ground facility for member and visitor use. The modifications on the three holes involved TJ creating new bunding around the edge of them to create differentiation between the holes and provide a more varied golfing experience for users. The bunds are 20-30ft high and the design of them will mimic the sand dunes that Littlehampton’s West Beach is famed for.

TJ has also constructed a new practice ground for the club, an area where golfers can practice their swing. They oversaw the importation of soil and other aggregate to the site, which was used to construct the facility and carry out the shaping, screening and shaping work required.

Find out more about the golf club projects TJ has undertaken and get in touch if you have a project you might like our help with.

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