TJ supports the Clanfield Challenge

Runners at the Clanfield Challenge

TJ is pleased to announce that they will be supporting this year’s Clanfield Challenge by taking care of the waste management for the event free of charge.

The Clanfield Challenge is an annual event set up to raise money for local charities and projects. The Challenge is now in its fourth year with estimated 2019 profits looking to be around the £5k mark. Local causes can apply for grants of up to £500 which will come from the profit pot.

Last year the money raised was used for many local projects including repairs to St James’ Church in Clanfield, music lessons for pupils at Petersgate Infant School, a disabled access bench at Clanfield Junior School, a football kit for Clanfield Youth FC, a new local support group set up by Butser Home Start, and sensory play equipment for the Elizabeth Foundation.

The event was originally set up by volunteers from Serenity Digital and Clanfield Joggers in collaboration with Clanfield Online, a website funded by local businesses for the benefit of the community.

The event itself consists of five races, giving you the choice of 1, 2, 5, 12 or 20 kilometres of stunning Hampshire countryside. The 1km race is for under 6s, the 2km for 5-12 year olds, the 5km for over 11s, the 12km for over 15s and the 20km for over 17s.

TJ will deliver three or four 1100-litre eurobins for mixed waste prior to the event, which is to take place on Sunday 19 May. They will collect the bins the following day and take the waste to one of their materials recovery facilities, where the waste will be sorted to ensure all recyclables are extracted before the waste is disposed of.

In previous years, TJ have provided sponsorship for the Challenge as well as skip hire. TJ is committed to giving back to the community and this is just one example of how they have illustrated this commitment.

Waste management is one of the many services offered by TJ Waste and Recycling. We offer a number of different services to take your waste off your hands and dispose of it cleanly and simply without a second thought from you.

Our site waste management service is a range of services that combine to create a complete bespoke waste management solution. This is ideal for any business that produces high volume waste at multiple locations, and needs a single supplier to manage everything surrounding waste collection, disposal of waste and the reporting process.

Our third-party tipping service aims to make waste disposal as simple and easy as possible, as well as diverting waste from landfill sites. We have three commercial waste disposal points along the south coast that operate to recycle your waste. The bespoke plant, software and fully trained staff will be able to help you save your business money and recycle your waste efficiently and cleanly.

Find out more about TJ, the services they offer and other projects they’ve been involved in.

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