TJ Transport supports M27 Smart Motorway works

TJ Transport has won a contract to provide materials and services for Highways England on their £218m Smart Motorway upgrade of the M27 between junction 4 (M3 interchange) and junction 11 (Fareham).

The project, which started in September 2018 and is due to be completed by 2021, will see the hard shoulder being turned into a permanent running lane over 15 miles, so the road becomes a four-lane smart motorway in both directions.

There will be upgraded signs, signals and technology to inform drivers about conditions ahead, for example, if a broken down vehicle is in the far left lane, that lane would be closed and the closure communicated on the signs until the situation has been resolved.

The flow of traffic will also be controlled by these signs, so at busy times, speed restrictions will be imposed to keep the flow of traffic even and avoid the ‘bottlenecked’ stretches of road that are currently being experienced.

TJ provided a competitive tender for the project and have won the contract to supply industry-standard sub base and capping materials, and undertake onsite lorry work and muck away. TJ’s lorries are working every night throughout the project to move materials from the central hub at J11 to wherever they’re needed. They move hard materials from the current work site, crush them and return them back to the site for reuse. TJ then take any unwanted materials away to local facilities for disposal.

The fill materials that TJ are supplying are coming from their two quarries in Hampshire and are being utilised by the two contractors Morgan Sindall and BAM Nuttall.

Steve Grant, TJ’s Commercial Director, said: “This is a significant project and we’re pleased to be involved. It’s utilising our lorries in a number of ways and we’re able to provide a service that will contribute to something that should improve a lot of people’s daily commute.”

According to Highways England, 140,000 drivers use the M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth every day, including TJ’s vehicles.

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Luke Haskell
26 February 2019