TJ Waste upgrade software system to improve usability and customer service

TJ Waste are in the process of migrating from their current server-based software to a more versatile cloud-based system to improve usability both internally and externally, ensuring even smoother customer service as a result.

TJ Waste have been on AMCS’s server-based system for over 10 years and have decided that now’s the right time to upgrade to the AMCS platform – an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform that’s designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste and recycling companies across the globe.

This central system is what TJ uses to run all of their waste services. It is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and is used to manage and integrate all the essential parts of the business. TJ’s scheduling, planning, purchasing, sales, finance and human resources tasks are all completed through it.

Switching to the new platform will mean that everything is accessible via a web browser, enabling TJ’s systems to be used and worked on remotely.

At a time when the need to work dynamically is at a high, the new system will present numerous advantages and high levels of flexibility and versatility for employees as well as efficient service provision.

AMCS specialise in software for the waste and recycling industry. They are headquartered in Ireland and have offices located across Europe, USA, Australasia with approximately 680+ employees and more than 2,750+ customers in 22 countries. The AMCS platform is an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry-specific software with best-in-class optimisation capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies.

Luke Haskell, General Manager of TJ Waste & Recycling said:

“With such a wide range of options for waste management, our growth plans will demand a high level of flexibility from our ERP system. We compared the options available from other suppliers to be sure we chose the solution that would fit us best, but what AMCS could offer us in terms of versatility was the deciding factor.”

A key aspect of the system is the online customer portal. The advanced version of the AMCS self-service portal not only offers customers a safe and secure way to order services 24/7, it also makes extending contracts as simple as a click of a button. The portal’s extensive dashboard also provides customers with activity calendars, ticket and collection history, and more insights to help them keep track of costs, number of hires, running contracts, etc.

Luke added:

“We are excited to be increasing our operational flexibility and efficiency and to be offering even better service and more convenience to our customers. The AMCS platform will provide us with a reliable and secure foundation for future-proofing our operations.”

TJ Waste has been using fully automated AMCS solutions such as in-cab tablets for their drivers and paperless invoicing for some time. As the company continues with plans to expand its operations into more regions, the ability to add locations and integrate services quickly and easily into an existing system will become an increasingly important factor.

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Luke Haskell
11 September 2020