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It seems like everyone is making the most of their extra time at home at the moment, with many people committing to home and garden improvements to keep themselves occupied.

Whether you’re undertaking the project yourself or have employed someone to do it for you (with social distancing in mind) it’s a very useful thing to do in the current climate. We’re semi-confined to our homes so we may as well improve them!

What type of project?

New driveway

On the many walks you’ve taken around your neighbourhood during lockdown, did you notice how many lovely driveways there are? Has it made you want to re-do your own? You will have noticed how many choices there are – gravel, concrete, paving, tarmac and resin are the main ones.

First you need to decide which type of driveway to go for. Google some images of each and take a look at our Get your dream DIY driveway blog. They differ greatly in price with gravel being the most cost effective and probably the only one you can do yourself unless you’re very skilled. For most of the other options, you’ll need to get a specialist company to quote.

Garden overhaul

The extent of your garden project can vary greatly, depending on what you need or wish to do. Perhaps you’d like to returf your lawn or transform a paved garden into a turfed one? Or are you dreaming about an outdoor dining area, set on a paved or decked area? If your garden needs a really good clear out, now’s a great time to do that too.


If an extension was on the cards in the original 2020 plans, and with many tradesmen looking for work at the moment, now could still be a good time to do it. All the better if the extension is at the back of the house or somewhere that can be largely self-contained. This is not something to rush into so make sure you give it plenty of thought and be sure to go for an extension that is going to add value and use to your property. Start by drawing out the type of thing you’re after, along with a list of the benefits you’d like it to bring. You may need to enlist the help of a structural engineer or architect if you’re looking to extend rooms and knock down walls and so on.

Kitchen refit

As you can’t go out to eat at the moment, are you looking to make your kitchen as nice as possible? Rip out the old cupboards, pull up worn flooring and have a good think about the layout of your new kitchen to make the most of your space. Although you will need a skilled kitchen fitter, the ripping out phase is something you can do yourself (once your kitchen delivery date is confirmed and your tradesperson is lined up!) if you wish to keep costs down, so clear that space!


Many people have simply been taking this extra time to have a good clear out! For a while it was hard with the Household Waste and Recycling Centres closed (most are now reopen) so things that you might like to have gotten rid of over the past few months may now have accumulated too. In addition to that, garden shed, garages, lofts and spare rooms may well have been given the once over too!

How can TJ help?


Our range of aggregates can be useful for many projects in the home and garden. For a new gravel driveway, we can supply you with a choice of different gravels for the top layer, such as 4/10mm gravel, 10/20mm gravel or 5/20mm limestone suds.

When laying turf, you may need a layer of topsoil to go down first, which is something we can supply. We have screened topsoil which is ideal for this purpose as well as BS3882 topsoil, which can be used for returfing, general landscaping and planting.

For extensions, we have a range of materials that will be useful for completing your project. We can supply sand to be used as building and plastering sand, ballast for drainage fill and various aggregates that can be used as sub bases.

Grab hire

The type of project that you’re doing will determine when you will generate the most waste. If your project will create a lot of waste at the start of a project, grab hire could be the ideal solution. It will allow you to pile all your unwanted materials in an accessible place in the knowledge that one of TJ’s grab lorries can simply come along and remove it quickly and easily.

Grab hire is suited to larger garden projects such as those that need large-scale clearance or returfing, where a lot of waste will need to be taken away before the second phase of work can begin.

The same goes for driveways – especially if a lot of digging out needs to be done, creating piles of earth, concrete or tarmac that needs to be disposed of. Extensions need to have footings, which involves digging down into the ground and this too will create a lot of soil and rubble that needs to be out of the way early in the project.

If you’re doing a kitchen refit and doing the ripping out yourself (or with the help of a tradesperson) you’ll be surprised just how much detritus it will create! Flattened cupboards and drawers, worktops, flooring, doors, windows and radiators to name just a few items!

One of TJ’s grab vehicles will make light work of it all. They can take a variety of waste streams, including builder’s waste, inert spoil, concrete, bricks, asphalt and green waste. TJ has 6 and 8-wheel grab vehicles, which are suitable for different amounts of waste and the 6-wheel grab vehicles are particularly useful at sites with low walls and fencing surround them as they can reach over, removing the need to move the waste manually.

Skip hire

Skip hire is the ideal solution for any project that will involve a constant stream of waste, such as smaller or ongoing garden projects, kitchen refits and clearances.

You can choose from our range of skip size options, which range from 2-yard up to 12-yard. You’ll find guidance on which size you’re likely to need on our individual skip pages. We can deliver your chosen skip as quickly as the next working day if you wish and you can keep the skip for up to 14 days. Collection date can be arranged at time of booking or you can let us know when you’re done, whatever suits you best.

Find out more about our grab hire, skip hire and aggregate supply services and get in touch if you want to know more!

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