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Skip V grab hire

Skip and grab hire are both great options for your domestic or commercial projects. There are advantages to both depending on your project, so read on to discover which option would be best suited to your requirements.

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Get your garden ready for summer!

The days are getting longer and the evenings lighter – yes, spring is here! But is your garden ready for all the extra use it will get during the warmer months? Now’s the time to get your garden ready for summer!

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Skips - your questions answered

Although skip hire with TJ is straightforward and simple, it’s a good idea to be prepared prior to the skip’s arrival. Check out these frequently-asked questions and answers to ensure delivery day goes as smoothly as possible…

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Meet Michael Longyear, transport coordinator

Michael joined TJ Waste in September and is enjoying learning the ropes and getting to know the team. Outside of work he’s a keen gym-goer and also plays rugby for Havant RFC – his team is the highest ranked in the area! 

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What waste cannot be tipped or skipped as standard?

Non-conforming waste streams are materials or substances that do not meet the standard criteria for disposal or recycling. So exactly what materials cannot be tipped or skipped with us?

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Disposing of plasterboard safely

Plasterboard must be disposed of correctly to ensure there are no ill effects; if plasterboard is disposed alongside biodegradable wastes it can lead to the production of odorous and toxic hydrogen sulphide gas.

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Our guide to recycling difficult to recycle materials…

We’re dedicated to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill and to do that we are continuously seeking new recycling routes for a range of tricky materials to ensure that everything that can be, is being reused.

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How much does a skip cost?

When you’re considering skip hire, this is probably the first question that pops to mind! Whether you’re having a clear out, planning a DIY project, employing a builder to undertake renovations, or commencing a commercial project as part of your business, the cost of waste disposal is an important consideration.

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Our guide to renovation waste

If you’re undertaking renovations – whether that’s on an individual residential property, a residential building such a block of flats or even commercial offices, it’s likely that high volumes of waste will be generated. At TJ, we offer a range of waste management options to ensure your project can continue on smoothly each and every step of the way, unhindered by waste.

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Explore our road sweeper service…

Our comprehensive road sweeper service is ideal for anyone or any company that has land to keep clean, so why not let us clean up your premises giving you one less thing to think about?

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