Get your garden ready for summer!

The days are getting longer and the evenings lighter – yes, spring is here! But is your garden ready for all the extra use it will get during the warmer months?

Our gardens often get a little neglected during the winter, as it is usually too cold or wet to venture out and do vast amounts of gardening. So when spring arrives, we really need to make the effort to get out there and get everything back under control before the combination of sun and rain makes it all go wild!

First thing to do – provided the weather is dry enough – is give the lawn a couple of really good cuts. If your grass has gotten particularly long over the winter, do a phased cut first to keep it in the best possible condition. Once the lawn is short and neat again, you’ll be surprised how much that can transform the way your garden looks!

Dig out your secateurs, shears and loppers and get tidying! Go round the whole garden trimming trailing plants or branches that are protruding out of place. Reshape plants that have lost their form and give everything you can a general trim and tidy, being careful not to cut away any buds that are growing. If you have lots of plants, be sure to research the best time to prune the different ones you have as you could damage them by snipping at the wrong time of year.



If your garden has been particularly neglected over the winter – or even longer – it may be in need of a complete overhaul. Clear away any piles of garden waste that are building up around the garden, along with any broken fence panels, unwanted garden furniture or patio slabs. If you have a garage or garden shed, now’s a good time to give these a once over too, removing any items you no longer need and reorganising the items you have that are still of use. Once all is tidy and you have room to move around freely inside your shed or garage you’ll be more inclined to go in there to get out your gardening tools!


If your garden is currently a bit of a wasteland, why not give it a new lease of life so it’s ready for you to enjoy in the summer? Write down the features you’d like your garden to have and what you plan to use it for. Do you dream of a lush green lawn? A place to sit in the shade? Or an area for the kids to play? From there you can work on the different aspects to turn your drab outdoor space into an attractive and usable garden.


Would you like to add some plants to your garden, perhaps rearrange the ones you’ve got or maybe start a vegetable plot? Do some research into the different options and make the changes to make your garden work better for you. Consider which type of plants may work best in your garden – is it particularly shady or very sunny? Some plants fare better in certain conditions so bear that in mind. Once you’ve taken the plunge, be sure to keep all plants well watered and cared for to keep them in tip top condition.


Is your patio old, uneven and damaged? Is your decking worn and slippery? Perhaps you walk straight out of your back door into a mud patch? Now’s the time to change all that! Commit to getting a new patio or decked area sorted; if you’re quite handy, this may be something you could do yourself, especially after a bit of research – YouTube tutorials are great! Alternatively enquire about local tradespeople who may be able to help – ask friends or family if they have anyone they would recommend.


When you think ‘landscaping’ you can be forgiven for thinking ‘expensive’! But it doesn’t have to be if you come up with the ideas and carry out the changes yourself. It may take some planning and time but it will be worth it in the end when you’ve made the changes that make your garden more aesthetically pleasing and readily enjoyable.


Why not treat yourself to a new outdoor dining area? Select an area of the garden that will be dedicated for this purpose. Consider laying patio or decking, or a shingled area could work if you’re on a tight budget. You can of course use existing patios and decked areas as long as they are well located, not next to smelly bins or compost heaps! You can transform these into dining areas by clearing the space, giving it all a good clean, maybe adding some attractive trellis and investing in some comfortable outdoor dining furniture. Add some fairy lights for a bit of sparkle after the sun has gone to bed!


Why not buy something nice for the garden that the whole family can enjoy? This could be some indulgent lounging furniture, a trampoline, a bird feeding station or even a hot tub! Having something new and enjoyable in the garden will draw you out there more often.


Garden projects take a lot of effort and hard work so why not save yourself endless trips to the tip at the end by hiring a skip with us?

With sizes from 2 yard up to 12 yard, we’ve got a skip to suit every project. Take a look at our skip hire page to discover the different sizes available, what projects they are suitable for and how much waste you’ll fit in each.

Once you’ve decided on the skip size you’d like, input your postcode and waste type to receive an immediate, accurate price! You can have your skip delivered from as early as the next working day (subject to availability). Keep it for up to two weeks or get a 5% discount by booking the collection for within 4 days of delivery. Our friendly drivers will deliver your chosen skip to your property without fuss and you can instruct them where you’d like it placed.

Read our skip hire FAQ to find out all you need to know. Book your skip today and get started on creating your perfect outdoor space in time for summer!

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