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Give your garden some tlc!

Spring is approaching, so what better time to give your garden an overhaul or maybe just a bit of tlc? Get out there and get it ship shape in time to enjoy the warmer months!

Luke Haskell
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POPs - what are they, why comply and how TJ can help…

POPs have been widely mentioned in the news over the past six months, but what actually are POPs, why is it so important to comply with the new rules and what are the consequences if we don’t?

Luke Haskell
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Confidential waste disposal - all you need to know…

Data breaches and identity theft remain a huge concern, so it has never been more important for businesses to do all they can to ensure their confidential waste is disposed of properly. Discover all you need to know about confidential waste disposal with TJ…

Luke Haskell
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All about skip hire

If you’re thinking about skip hire this New Year but don’t know where to start, let us run through the basics so you’re confident when the time comes to make a booking…

Luke Haskell
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Waste disposal options for your home or garden project

Everywhere you look, people are renovating their houses, having building work done or revamping their garden or driveway! It seems that the pandemic has made us refocus on things closer to home and that improving our houses and gardens has become a priority.

Luke Haskell
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A responsible waste carrier - trust in TJ

At a time when sustainability is high on the agenda, it’s time to think about all the ways in which we can make a difference.

Luke Haskell
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Skip hire for construction

From small to large-scale construction projects, residential to commercial, alterations to building from scratch,  this type of work requires a lot of materials and produces a variety of waste which needs to be handled and disposed of in the correct way.

Luke Haskell
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Guide to skip hire for demolition

Demolition companies undertake a range of different activities, which are usually centred around dismantling buildings and structures. Using anything from basic hand tools to larger plant and machinery, they strip out fittings before demolishing or dismantling the unsafe or obsolete premises.

Luke Haskell
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Property developers’ guide to skip hire

Whether you’re a small or large-scale property developer, you’re likely to generate vast amounts of waste with each project you undertake. From small refurbishments to large-scale developments, converting existing premises […]

Luke Haskell
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10 reasons to use TJ’s road sweeper service...

We offer a comprehensive road sweeper service with availability now in the Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Let us clean up your premises – we’ll ensure everything is in order […]

Luke Haskell
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