Give your garden some tlc!

Spring is approaching, so what better time to give your garden an overhaul or maybe just a bit of tlc? Get out there and get it ship shape in time to enjoy the warmer months!

Most gardens get forgotten during the winter, but now that the evenings are getting lighter, there’s more time to get out there after work and crack on. What’s more, with the weather getting a little milder too, you may not mind spending a few weekends out in the fresh air!

There’s so much you could do with your outdoor space – you can make it whatever you want it to be – so before starting your project, have a good think about how you want to use the space and make a plan for the best way of achieving your goals. Follow our top tips below to get started…

Top 5 garden tips

1. Clear it out!

The first thing to do is have a good clear out! The shed is a good place to start; get rid of anything you haven’t used for the past couple of years as well as any broken chairs, rusty gardening tools and deflated paddling pools! Making some space in the shed and giving it a good tidy will make you feel better about doing regular gardening as it’ll be aesthetically pleasing and much easier to find the tools you need quickly. From there, sweep around the garden removing anything that shouldn’t be there – old fence panels, broken garden furniture, green waste, odd bricks and paving slabs – anything that isn’t needed.

2. Get your hedges in order

Keeping hedges and bushes tidy can be tricky! You trim them and before you know it, they’re sprouting everywhere again! If left unattended they can not only look untidy, but they will be taking up valuable space in your garden too! Once you cut them back you’ll realise how much they were encroaching. Also be mindful that hedges on property borders could be overgrowing into your neighbours’ gardens and possibly even blocking some of their light! Hedges at the front of your property could be overhanging onto footpaths or roads so keep your eye on them and get trimming!

3. Improve your landscape

If you’re not happy with the layout of your garden, it might be worth a rethink. A landscaping project – whether you employ an expert or have a go yourself, could completely change the way your garden looks, its usability and how much you enjoy it! Google some garden designs to get ideas and even get sketching to see what you could do. Something as simple as creating an outdoor seating or dining area, or implementing some new plants could make the world of difference.

4. Treat yourself to a new patio, decking area or path

Although new patios, decking or pathways aren’t the easiest of alterations to make, if you get them right, they could transform your garden into a much more attractive and usable space. Patios offer great places to sit and relax or dine in evenings, decking can extend your indoors, outdoors, if you plan for it to be leading off the back of your house, and a new pathway could make navigating and accessing your garden a lot easier whatever the weather. 

5. Renew your driveway

So this may be a big undertaking, but nothing can transform your front garden more than a lovely new driveway! If yours is old and tired, and perhaps even degrading in places, it can really affect people’s first impressions of your home, least not your own! Having a neat, well-kept drive will give the impression of a property that’s well cared for, so give the idea some consideration. Read our blog Get your dream DIY driveway for some ideas and inspiration and keep in mind that we supply a range of aggregates that could help with this type of project.

Let us take care of your garden waste!

Types of garden waste

Whilst undertaking a garden project, there are a number of waste types that you might generate, all of which can be taken care of by our skip or grab hire services:

  • Green waste – grass cuttings, hedge cuttings, branches, unwanted plants
  • Wood – such as old sheds, broken fence panels or damaged decking
  • Soil – if you’re creating tiers, landscaping part of the garden for improvements or preparing an area for paving you may have excess soil to dispose of
  • Hardcore / rubble – broken stone, bricks, concrete or ceramics
  • Old asphalt/gravel – if renewing a driveway or path, you may have excess materials such as old asphalt or gravel that needs removing
  • Unwanted / broken items – such as old furniture, broken children’s toys/equipment or the broken washing line

Skip hire

At TJ we offer a range of skips to suit every requirement, from 2 yard right up to 35 yard! Check out our skip hire pages for details of the capacity and dimensions of each skip size, along with helpful videos that will make choosing the skip you need quick and easy.

Our standard skip hire period is up to 14 days, but if you book a short hire of 4 days or less, you can enjoy a 5% discount at the time of booking. We also offer ‘skip exchange’, whereby you can opt to have your full skip taken away and replaced with an empty one at your convenience, which is ideal for longer projects with larger volumes of waste, giving you a constant waste disposal option on-site.

If you’d like to know exactly what waste can and cannot go into a skip before you book, check out our blog What can you put in a skip? Once you’ve decided to go for it, you can book your skip instantly online using our simple booking system. Just choose the skip size you need, input your postcode and waste type and add to cart!

Grab hire

Grab hire is a quick and convenient way of taking care of both commercial and domestic waste. Our drivers are skilled at accessing properties and premises and can be on and off site in less than half an hour. What’s more, as the waste is taken away immediately, it’s not cluttering up your property or site for days or weeks after you’ve discarded it.

Grab hire can be utilised for a number of different waste types including hardcore, soil and green waste, making it suitable for commercial construction, groundworks and landscaping jobs. It’s also ideal for domestic projects such as significant house renovations, large-scale landscaping and driveway renewals as it makes light work of removing large volumes of waste quickly and easily.

Our fleet of grabs are readily available meaning you can book one as quickly as the next working day if you wish. Prices start from just £150 so it’s a really cost-effective way to get rid of your waste!

Where will your waste go?

All of the waste we remove on your behalf is immediately taken back to one of our three Materials Recycling Facilities dotted along the south coast at Southampton, Portsmouth and Yapton. Once there, we’ll sort and segregate it to ensure it is directed down the most appropriate route for its type. 

We are dedicated to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill and we currently recycle up to 100% of the waste we handle. Most waste is sent on to partner recycling facilities, or in the case of unwanted soil it is directed to one of our landfill projects. We repurpose any unwanted rubble – bricks, concrete, paving slabs etc – for use in our recycled aggregate production process at our Butser site.

Anything that is unable to be reused or recycled is sent for incineration meaning that it can potentially be used to generate Energy from Waste (EfW). EfW is the process of generating energy – either electricity or heat – by burning waste via a variety of processes. It can be a form of energy recovery and is sometimes referred to as a circular economy because it encourages a continual use of resources.

We’re responsible, reliable and competitively priced, so why not give us a try? Book skip or grab hire online today or get in touch with any queries…

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