What can you put in a skip?

Ever wondered what can actually go in a skip? Has the belief that lots of stuff isn’t permitted put you off hiring a skip in the past? We have all you need to know about what’s suitable for skip disposal and bit more info besides…

There are certainly a lot more materials that can go into a skip than those that can’t – and the ones that can’t are largely restricted to maintain safety standards and comply with health regulations, so it’s in everyone’s interest to follow the guidelines!

On the whole, the majority of skip hire is undertaken by domestic customers having a clear out or undertaking a DIY project or by construction companies carrying out building projects of varying sizes for domestic or commercial customers, so a lot of the waste is going to be standard materials which are absolutely fine to go into a standard skip.

What can go in a skip?

  • Wood
    Everything from floorboards and joists to window frames and fence panels and everything in between.
  • Cement
    Any old unwanted cement blocks or broken up cement can go in.
  • Rubble
    If you’re doing a project that involves structural work you may find yourself with piles of rubble – this can all go in the skip.
  • Tiles
    Kitchen and bathroom refits will probably involve removing a lot of old tiles – throw them all in! Always be careful not to take any plasterboard with the tiles as this cannot go into a general skip!
  • Bricks
    Any bricks you have from demolition work can go in.
  • Electrical cabling
    When rewiring, the old, unwanted cabling can be put in the skip.
  • Metal
    Any unwanted bits of metal, such as corner edging, pipes or radiators can be disposed of in your skip.
  • Glass
    If you’re replacing windows, the frames and glass from the old ones can go in the skip – gently!
  • Kitchen refits
    These are big projects that can generate a lot of waste. Kitchen appliances such as ovens, hobs and extractors can go in your skip, along with any small electrical appliances such as microwaves and blenders, old worktops and even the kitchen sink!
  • Bathroom refits
    Another big but common job – unwanted items such as bath tubs, sinks, toilets, taps and old showers can all go in.
  • Flooring
    When replacing any flooring, all the old stuff can go in the skip – lino, laminate flooring and carpets as well.
  • Garden toys and furniture
    Any unwanted or broken bits from your garden can go in – such as old plastic toys, that punctured paddling pool, old hose or broken chair.
  • Garage or loft clear outs
    Many of us like to give the garage or loft a good clear out from time to time – so rest assured that old tools, furniture, buggies, camping equipment can all go in! Likewise any old baby items you have such as walkers, bouncers, high chairs can all go in.
  • Garden waste
    Branches, turf, soil, paving slabs and many other garden items can all go in!

So what can’t I put in a skip?

  • Plasterboard (it must be segregated from other wastes, but we can supply a plasterboard-only skip, please enquire now!)
  • Asbestos (please enquire about our asbestos disposal service)
  • Creosote or the cans/containers that have contained any of these products
  • Oil, petrol, diesel, grease or lead-based paints or the cans or containers that have contained any of these products
  • Liquid waste of any nature
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Pressurised containers e.g. gas bottles
  • Batteries
  • Car engines or tyres
  • Fridges or freezers
  • Televisions or computer screens
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Clinical waste, including syringes or needles

If the material that you’re looking to dispose of is not on our approved list, please get in touch and we may be able to assist you with an alternative solution.

Visit the gov.uk website for more information on waste types and the classification of them.

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