Our guide to renovation waste

If you’re undertaking renovations – whether that’s on an individual residential property, a residential building such a block of flats or even commercial offices, it’s likely that high volumes of waste will be generated. At TJ, we offer a range of waste management options to ensure your project can continue on smoothly each and every step of the way, unhindered by waste.

Our services cater for projects of all types and sizes. We offer skips ranging from  2 yard mini skips to 12 yard jumbo skips as well as commercial roll-on-roll-off containers, which come in 17 and 35 yard sizes. And let’s not forget grab hire – perfect for clearing large volumes of waste regularly to keep your site clear at all times.

Skip and grab hire both provide convenient solutions to waste disposal. If you opt to dispose of the waste yourself, you’ll have to spend time transporting loads of waste to the local waste and recycling centre, and if you’re doing this in a commercial vehicle, keep in mind that you may incur charges.

Whilst much of the waste disposal at a local centre may be free, you need to weigh up the time and effort you’ll spend doing it – both the time it’ll take to drive to and from the centre, and the lifting and shifting involved in loading and unloading your vehicle. There’s also the issues that may arise if the waste is heavy and bulky and difficult to handle, so this is something to keep in mind. 


  • You’ll have your own waste disposal system onsite, in the size of your choosing to accommodate the waste you’re generating, meaning it’ll be out of the way, yet safely contained until collection.
  • You can opt for a flexible collection date if you’re unsure how quickly you’ll fill it, or even go for a skip exchange arrangement – whereby you exchange your full skip for an empty one – if you underestimate your waste volume.
  • Reputable skip hire companies such as TJ have policies and procedures in place to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly. We divert as much waste as possible from landfill, recycling as much as we can and properly disposing of unrecyclable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact of your renovation project.
  • Depending on your location, there may be regulations governing the disposal of construction and renovation waste. Using a licensed skip hire service ensures that you comply with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.
  • For commercial customers, TJ supplies a Waste Transfer Note for each load so that you know exactly where your waste has gone. We’re constantly reviewing our processes to ensure that we are directing materials down the best routes, even as things evolve.


  • Grab hire provides swift removal of large quantities of waste; our grab lorries can be on and off site in less than 30 minutes!
  • If you utilise a grab to remove waste from your site, it’s gone immediately, freeing up valuable space.
  • The grab lorry can load the waste from the floor to the truck, eliminating the need for manual lifting and shifting. This also reduces the risk of injury to workers.
  • Grab lorries can access restricted areas easily, such as narrow driveways or locations with limited space. They can even reach over low walls and fences to grab waste from within!
  • Depending on the waste type, you only pay for the volume or weight disposed of, making it cost-effective for both small and large renovation projects.
  • If you have large volumes of waste, grab lorries can make multiple collections, ensuring your site remains clear throughout the renovation process.
  • You won’t need to closely estimate the amount of waste you’re likely to generate as grab hire services can adapt to the evolving waste removal requirements of your project, accommodating changes in the volume and type of waste generated.


Grab lorries are ideal for removing a variety of waste streams including aggregates, rubble, tiles and ceramics, asphalt, wood, furniture, appliances, cardboard, plastics and green waste.

Skips can be filled with a range of different types of waste; below is a list of materials commonly disposed of in our skips – please get in touch to ask about unusual types of waste not listed here:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass / windows / frames
  • Furniture 
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings such as cupboards, worktops, sinks and toilets
  • Flooring including underlay, carpets, lino, vinyl and laminate
  • Cardboard
  • Packaging / polystyrene
  • Rubble / cement / bricks / tiles
  • Electrical cabling

Materials that cannot go in a standard skip, but may be able to be taken care of separately (enquire for details):

  • Plasterboard 
  • Asbestos
  • Liquid waste of any nature
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Pressurised containers e.g. gas bottles
  • Batteries
  • Car engines or tyres
  • Fridges or freezers
  • Televisions or computer screens
  • Clinical waste, including syringes or needles


  • We’re a reputable company and well known in the southern region. We look after our skips and ensure they are in tip top condition so you know you’re getting a quality product. We handle and dispose of all waste responsibly, ensuring that the waste we remove is sorted, segregated and sent down the most appropriate routes.

  • Our entire fleet is modern and safe. Road safety and keeping our fleet in the best possible condition are amongst our top priorities. All of our vehicles – including our skip and grab lorries – are part of a continual renewal and maintenance scheme so that they are always well looked after and safe on the roads. Our drivers conduct daily safety checks at the start of their shifts, with any faults being reported immediately. All of our vehicles are fitted with safety equipment including 360 camera systems, high-visibility signage and beacons, and audible left turn signals.

  • We’re reliable – we always ensure that your skip or grab hire service is delivered when we say it will be so that you can get on with the job at hand. We’ll keep in touch every step of the way so that you’re well informed and know what to expect. Our friendly team is always on hand if you have any queries or need to make any changes to your booking, so please get in touch if and when you need to.

  • With our collection of over 2,000 skips of all sizes, and our fleet of 8-wheel grab lorries, our availability is great and you can rest assured that we’ll be able to fulfil your order whatever your requirements and timescales are. You can book a skip or grab for as soon as the next working day meaning you’ll be able to start clearing your waste as soon as you need to.

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