Let TJ supply your cattle bedding sand

Cow and cattle bedding sand

High quality cattle bedding sand

Hythe Quarry supplies a 0/1mm bedding sand for cattle, which has virtually no silt and is 99% silica. In a region highly regarded for its mineral deposits, Hythe Quarry produces a gold/brown soft sand that is ideal for cattle bedding and can be collected by your haulier or delivered by our fleet of trucks.

Benefits of using sand

As an inert material, it doesn’t provide a substrate for bacteria and bugs to grow, preventing mastitis and helping to keep somatic cell counts down

  • Sand is more comfortable for the cows so lying times are greater, which leads to increased milk yields
  • It generally gives less hock damage to cows than mattresses as there is less chafing
  • It allows urine to drain away, sparing you the wet sponge effect you can get with straw yards
  • Sand is easier to handle than straw
  • Sand will go through the slurry pump with ease
  • Cows are kept cleaner for the milking parlour, reducing further clean-up time and costs

From quarry to farm: what’s the process?

  • The sand is dug by 25-tonne excavators
  • It is moved by 30-tonne dump trucks
  • Up to 5,000 tonnes of sand can be excavated per day
  • Where the sand is screened, 0.6mm piano wires at 3mm intervals are used within the screener machines to produce an evenly-graded product
  • We have a large stockpile of sand at our site, meaning we can provide you with a fast turnaround – next day in most cases
  • We can load the sand onto your chosen vehicle or deliver the sand to your farm for you

We’ve got the seal of approval

Our cattle bedding sand has been thoroughly analysed by OEMAchem Ltd, a one stop shop approach to all areas chemical. They have 12 years’ experience in the laboratory analysis market, which includes particle size gradings analysis. TJ sent off a sample of their cattle bedding sand and it was concluded that it was fully compliant as an 0/1mm sand as described. Our sand is analysed quarterly to ensure a consistent high quality product.

Happy clients

One of the customers that TJ supply cattle bedding sand to is Pierrepont Farm in Frensham, Surrey.

Farmer Mike Clear said: “We’re a new customer of TJ’s. We were getting our sand from another supplier, but the quote TJ provided us was more competitive so we switched to them and we’re glad we did. They delivered the sand to us on a next-day turnaround or you can choose a date to suit you if opting for regular deliveries. We use around 20 tonnes per month during the winter and a little less during the summer so I’m pleased to be in business with TJ as we will make some significant savings and receive a great service to boot.”

Where can we supply to?

  • Hampshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Dorset
  • Somerset
  • Surrey
  • Sussex

Find out more about Hythe Quarry and its sand or get in touch today!

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