Our guide to waste permits

If you’re looking to hire a skip, but you don’t have a driveway or anywhere that’s accessible to house it on your property, you’ll need a waste permit that will allow you to have it placed on the road in front of your house.

This is often the case for many residents, especially those living in busy towns and cities where driveways are few and far between.

We’re here to tell you to relax! Organising a waste permit can be done quickly and with little fuss which means you’ll be filling that skip before you know it!

All you need to know about waste permits and skip hire…

  • Waste permits are granted by your local council and must be applied for by the waste management company (such as TJ Waste), not the resident. Attempted applications by residents will not be accepted as they will not have the correct insurance in place. Waste companies such as ourselves hold public liability insurance that will cover the skip whilst it’s on the public highway, ensuring safety for all.
  • It takes five working days for a waste permit application to be processed and granted, so please plan ahead and make sure you factor in this time before embarking on your project or clear out.
  • Waste permits are offered for a selected fixed time period, this varies depending on the council. Our friendly team would be able to advise you on the fixed time period set by your council. Please note that unfortunately, we are unable to offer any flexibility on this. So we advise you to time your waste permit and the arrival of your skip for the day before you need it to give you the full scope of the hire period to get done what you need to.
  • When placing one of our skips on the road, we supply cones to ensure you have space around it to unload your waste, and
    lights to ensure it is well-lit at night and so that neighbours and passers by can navigate it safely. 
  • As you’ll be having the skip delivered to a space outside your house, try to secure the best spot for it. Park your car in the space you’d like the skip to go and then when we arrive to drop it off, you can move your car, freeing up the space for us to unload.
  • You could opt to apply for a waste permit and have your skip placed on the road even if you do have room for it on your property – this will free up space on your driveway, protect your grass if your only option was to put it on the front lawn and remove any worries about accessing or damaging your property. 
  • If you know you only need the skip for a couple of days, make sure you book the collection within 4 days of delivery to receive a 5% discount at the point of booking!
  • Make sure you go for the right skip – check out our skip hire pages to explore the different sizes available and discover which one will be most suitable for your project and the amount of waste you’re likely to generate.
  • Choose TJ for your skip hire and we’ll take care of everything for you, including the waste permit. Simply book with us (stating that you wish to place the skip on the road) and leave the rest to us. We’re a reputable, reliable company so you can rest assured that the entire process will be completely hassle-free for you.
  • You can book your skip for a date to suit you, which can be as quickly as the following week once your permit application is underway. Keep in mind that we now offer the option to book priority or urgent delivery for an additional charge. Standard delivery means your skip will arrive anytime between 7am and 6pm on your chosen date, priority delivery means it is guaranteed to arrive between 7am and 3pm and urgent delivery guarantees it to be delivered by 11am. 

Read our blog: How to fill a skip to discover how to make best use of your skip and what waste can and cannot go in and get in touch to book your skip hire with waste permit with us!

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