Accredited to do a first-class job

TJ as a company and TJ employees as individuals hold a range of accreditations that demonstrate their competence, regard for safety regulations and their customer service-orientated culture.

In an industry where health and safety is vital to ensure the smooth running of a company, TJ recognises this and invests in their staff and company to make sure that accreditations and qualifications are held and obtained as and when needed.

Staff flying the flag

TJ’s Health & Safety Compliance Supervisor, Jack MacFarlane, not only holds a law degree, but he is also IOSH qualified after completing the IOSH Managing Safely course last year. He also completed the  NCRQ Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health & Safety, which is a great qualification to hold because NCRQ qualifications are developed by employers to deliver the skills required in real life, so it’s not just a piece of paper.

One of TJ’s directors, Jamie Higgins, is NEBOSH qualified and also holds WAMITAB accreditation, along with colleague Jason Strudwick and MD John Gosling. WAMITAB qualifies and certificates those working in waste management and recycling, cleaning and street cleansing, facilities management and parking.

TJ’s Head of Finance, Barry Curtis, holds chartered accountant status. This means Barry is professionally qualified and bound by a code of ethics and professional standards. Not only does he follow certain policies and procedures, but his professional practice is also monitored to ensure compliance and quality.

Driver training

TJ has a strong focus on driver training. There is an annual training event during which drivers receive training to update their skills and learn new ones. There are also different training requirements that need to be met to satisfy different customers. For example, Highways England encourage drivers to hold a Passport Scheme competency card to enter sites to ensure competency. Other clients require drivers to have a Site Safety Awareness (MPQC) Card which also covers vulnerable road user training.

TJ’s entire workforce of drivers have recently completed their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training, all of them achieving 100% attendance. The training had to be completed in order for TJ Transport to comply with a company-wide refresher deadline.

Lee Downer, TJ’s Fleet Manager and in-house driver trainer, gained his CPC trainer qualification back in February 2012 and soon after ensured that TJ Transport were approved as a training centre. This means that all training can be done on-site by Lee rather than drivers having to go off-site and complete separate training programmes elsewhere.

Lee delivered training to 200 drivers over 20 sessions. CPC compliance is compulsory for all lorry drivers, with periodic training required to ensure all drivers have the necessary certification.

FORS Silver Status

Holding FORS silver status is an impressive accolade in the haulage industry. It shows that TJ’s operating levels are extremely high and that they are going the extra mile to provide a top quality service.  One of the requirements of FORS Silver is that drivers have to undergo Safe Urban Driving training, which sees them out on pushbikes. This aims to keep cyclist safety at the forefront of drivers’ minds.

To maintain the Silver Status, TJ’s drivers have to complete the following training:

  • E-learning courses such as cycle safety, terrorism, incident risk prevention, safe loading of vehicles etc – carried out yearly.
  • Safe Urban Driving – carried out five-yearly. This involves drivers spending time on bikes to experience lorries from a cyclist’s perspective.
  • MPQC – carried out five-yearly and accredited by the Mineral Products Qualification Council.


TJ won the Transport for London Award last year for reducing occupational road risk for the company’s drivers. Criteria for the award included showing how technology, management systems and behavioural initiatives can reduce road accidents.

TJ also won two BUILD Awards: Best Commercial Waste Management Company – South East England, and the Waste Management Technology Innovation Award – UK. BUILD Magazine’s Recycling and Waste Management Awards focuses on recognising the work of enterprises that have made it their mission to innovate and develop sustainable solutions to the control of waste. BUILD awarded 10 accolades to companies across the globe so TJ did exceptionally well to win two!

TJ is proud to hold the Feefo Gold Service Award, which recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. TJ has an average customer rating of 4.8/5 – the Independent Service Rating based on 176 verified reviews. This rating illustrates the care and attention that TJ puts into providing exceptional service to their customers at all times.

This accreditation is a badge of honour and remains unique as it is based purely on interactions with real customers. As all reviews are verified as genuine, the accreditation is a true reflection of a business’ commitment to outstanding service.

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