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Investing in staff to ensure their training is up-to-date is one of TJ’s top priorities and one of the many reasons TJ is a great place to work. They also endeavour to give employees the chance to progress in their careers where an interest and ability is demonstrated.

Jack Macfarlane

TJ recently hosted its annual staff health and safety event which is held over three days with the purpose being to keep staff up-to-date on health and safety practices and to maintain their training levels.

The event was organised by Jack MacFarlane, TJ’s Health & Safety Compliance Supervisor. Jack himself has received significant career support from TJ. He was given the opportunity to complete the IOSH Managing Safely course as well as the Level 6 Certificate in Applied Health & Safety last year, which expanded his knowledge and skillset.

He said:

“I worked for TJ during my degree and was offered this role when I graduated. Since then TJ has been really great in supporting my development and giving me opportunities to gain safety qualifications relevant to my role. I’m currently working on my NCRQ Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health & Safety which is really interesting. TJ allows me to fit in bits of study during working hours around my duties and I also put in some time at home as well.”

Another employee who has benefitted from TJ’s generous nature is Transport Planner Simon Dewan, who is currently being supported to complete his Level 5 CMI Management course with PETA Training.

Simon said:

“There are many good things about working here – I enjoy the job itself, the hours are good, the company is flexible and allows you a good work/life balance. Doing the CMI course in addition to all that is amazing and it will be a great addition to my CV. TJ investing in me makes me feel truly valued.”

TJ also has a strong focus on driver training. There are various training requirements that need to be met to satisfy different customers. For example, Highways England encourages drivers to hold a Passport Scheme competency card to enter sites to ensure competency. Other clients require drivers to have a Site Safety Awareness (MPQC) Card, which also covers vulnerable road user training. Drivers must also complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years in order to be able to continue to drive commercially.

Last year, TJ’s entire workforce of drivers completed their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training, all of them achieving 100% attendance. The training had to be completed in order for TJ Transport to comply with a company-wide refresher deadline.

Lee Downer, TJ’s Fleet Manager and in-house driver trainer, delivered training to 200 drivers over 20 sessions. CPC compliance is compulsory for all lorry drivers, with periodic training required to ensure all drivers have the necessary certification.

The training consisted of a variety of topics including: The traffic commissioner & operator licencing, Vehicle walk-round checks and defect reporting, Drivers hours & tachograph legislation, Breakdown reporting & accident procedures, Vulnerable road users, Driver licencing, The various enforcement agencies in the UK, Driver psychology, The highway code, Speeding, Seatbelts, Mobile phone use, Spacial awareness and Penalties.

Lee gained his CPC trainer qualification back in February 2012 and soon after, ensured that TJ Transport were approved as a training centre.This means that all training can be done on-site by Lee rather than drivers having to go off-site and complete separate training programmes elsewhere.

Employee Saf Favliones joined TJ as a driver but six months in expressed an interest in an office-based role. TJ gave him a chance and moved him into the role of Transport Coordinator.

Saf said:

“TJ really put their faith in me and gave me a fantastic opportunity. I expressed my interest in progressing my career to the Transport Manager and he spoke to the management team and before I knew it, I received a phone call to say they’d like to take me on! Everyone has been so supportive in helping me learn the ropes. I’ve had a lot of on-the-job training to learn how to use the software and in customer relations and I’m going from strength to strength.”

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