Committed to COVID safety for staff and customers

TJ is committed to continually reassessing and renewing COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of staff and customers. We are regularly updating risk assessments to ensure the standard operating systems are adhered to, which is especially important in the delivery of goods to customers.

Staff and customer wellbeing and safety is of utmost importance to TJ and we take this into consideration in all we do. TJ has obtained all the necessary COVID-safe certificates to ensure the business is being run safely and in full accordance with the guidelines.

Risk assessments have been completed for vehicles, waste facilities, quarries, machine and office to ensure safety in all areas and so that the staff in the different locations understand what is expected of them and what is now in place to protect them.

The way that customer deliveries are undertaken has changed to fit in with the COVID-19 safety measures. We have instructed our drivers to not hand their tablet device or manual tickets to customers for signing. This new interim process will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Drivers are expected to commence their delivery as usual, but the point of contact with the customer is slightly different. At the point at which they are ready for the customer to print and sign, they will explain the new process and the reasons why we are taking these precautions.

They will allow the customer to view the ticket details without handing the device over. Once the ticket details have been confirmed and reviewed, the driver will ask for the customer’s forename and surname and print these into the relevant fields themselves. They may take a photograph as evidence that they have discharged and completed the delivery, but this is not mandatory.

TJ has created an internal web page where all the risk assessment documents and any other relevant information is accessible to staff to ensure they are kept informed at all times.

Customer service assistant Abbie Spratt helped hold the fort at TJ’s HQ at the start of lockdown when some staff were unable to come into the office. She said: “All the desks in the office were rearranged to ensure that everyone has their own space. We all know to maintain a 2m distance from each other and there are hand sanitising stations in every department. We’re working hard to ensure all customers receive the high-quality service they’re accustomed to. This way, we hope they will keep coming back to us throughout the pandemic and beyond.”

Read Abbie’s full interview and discover the range of services TJ can offer you.

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14 October 2020