Covid-19: A message from TJ

Dear Customers

As of today we have instructed our drivers not hand their tablet device or manual tickets to you for signing. This new interim process will be in place for the foreseeable future. Below is the guidance we have provided our drivers to follow:

  1. Commence their delivery as usual.
  2. Drive to site and follow the usual process.
  3. At the point at which they are ready for the you to print and sign, they will explain the new process and the reasons why we are taking these precautions.
  4. They will allow you to view the ticket details without handing the device over.
  5. Once you have confirmed and reviewed the ticket details, the driver will ask for your forename and surname.
  6. The driver will then print your forename and surname into the relevant field themselves.
  7. They may take a photograph as evidence that they have discharged and completed your delivery, however this is not mandatory.
  8. Our drivers have been instructed that they are not to photograph you unless they have your express permission to do so.
  9. If you have any questions please contact our team on 01329 226 446.

We appreciate your business, support and understanding in these unprecedented times. Thank you.


Jack MacFarlane LLB (Hons) AIOSH

Compliance, Health & Safety and Legislation Supervisor

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19 March 2020