Littlehampton Golf Club Project: Phase 1 complete

TJ Transport has completed Phase 1 of the Littlehampton Golf Club project, which involved modifying and improving three of the 18 holes and constructing a new practice ground facility for member and visitor use.

TJ is responsible for managing the various stages of the project, supplying materials and equipment and ensuring the work is completed on time. The work has been carried out at an impressive pace since the project commenced last autumn, despite some challenging weather conditions and TJ met the completion deadline of the end of March.

The modifications on the three holes involved TJ creating new bunding around the edge of them to create differentiation between the holes and provide a more varied golfing experience for users. The bunds are 20-30ft high and the design of them will mimic the sand dunes that Littlehampton’s West Beach is famed for.

TJ has also constructed a new practice ground for the club, an area where golfers can practice their swing. They’ve overseen the importation of over 60,000 tonnes (over 3,500 loads) of soil and other aggregate to the site, which was used to to construct the facility and carry out the shaping, screening and shaping work required.

Phase 2 of the project, which will commence in autumn 2021, completing in winter 2022, will involve TJ completing the infill part of the project, which is not able to be done during the summer months due to planning

The materials being used for this project come from carefully selected construction sites where the clean inert material could otherwise be going to landfill. It will instead be tested, approved and reused on this project under CL:AIRE protocol.

Littlehampton Golf Club was founded in 1889 and offers a high quality 18-hole, 70 par course that allows you to enjoy stunning views of the sea and the beautiful South Downs as you go round. In 2019 the Golf Club was voted the 12th Best Course in Sussex, something the club is proud of and excited to improve upon in years to come.

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Luke Haskell
12 April 2021