Hythe Quarry Phase 1 reinstatement commences

TJ has started the reinstatement of Phase 1 of Hythe Quarry. Once refilled, Phase 1 – and eventually the whole site – will be returned to arable land in line with the original agreement.

TJ completed the dig of Phase 1 last spring and went on to prepare the area for refill. The construction of the Artificial Geological Barrier was completed by lining the hole with clay materials to ensure it is impermeable so that surface waters cannot drain through. This was then signed off by the Environment Agency.

An environmental permit was obtained and this controls the type of waste that can go in. As it is being returned to arable land, only inert soil is permitted as this will promote growth in the future. It is estimated that 110,000 cubic metres of material will need to be inserted to fill up Phase 1.

The quarry is split into 3 phases, whereby each ‘phase’ will be quarried at different times. This increases efficiency because as one phase of the dig completes, it can be refilled whilst the next phase is being quarried.

Since quarrying commenced at Hythe Quarry over two and a half years ago, TJ has been extracting sand and ballast at different times depending on what stage and depth the dig is at. During that time, over 100,000 tonnes of material has been quarried and either sold, exported or stockpiled for future sale.

Alongside the filling of Phase 1, TJ has also begun quarrying Phase 2 of the site. It is unknown how much of each of the two materials – sand and ballast – will be found beneath the surface, but it is expected that the majority of the Phase 2 material will be sand.

The sand that is extracted from Hythe is ideal for use as builder’s sand – for making materials such as plaster, mortar and cement. It can also be used for blinding, bedding and general fill. The ballast is a golden gravel and sharp sand mixture that is used for onward screening / washing, bedding and drainage fill.

TJ opened Hythe Quarry in 2018 after it was identified in the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (2013) as ‘the best option for continuing a local supply of soft sand and sharp sand and gravel from this part of south Hampshire’.

TJ Commercial and Operations Manager, Paul Smith said: “The Hythe Quarry operations are going really well with the reinstatement of Phase 1 now underway. We’ve also started quarrying Phase 2, which will allow us to continue to serve the local construction and farming industries. Our sand is popular due to its versatility and it’s great to be able to source and supply our own materials to the industries that need them.”

If you have inert soil that you need to dispose of in the Hampshire and surrounding areas, please get in touch for a quote. Our fleet of lorries can be on and off site quickly, taking care of this waste for you.

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15 April 2021