TJ assist Hampshire Police in emergency situation

TJ Transport were drafted in to assist Hampshire Police with an emergency situation involving a 65lb explosive device that was discovered by construction workers on a Bordon housing estate on Friday.

The call from Kingsley Quarry came in at approximately 15:30 on Friday afternoon. The Chief Inspector of Hampshire Police was there requesting urgent and immediate delivery of 300 tonnes of sand to enable a controlled detonation of the device, a suspected WW2 bomb, to be carried out.

National building materials company Tarmac, who manage the quarry, were happy to supply the sand to use for the operation, but they required lorries to transport the sand to the site.

Within 10 minutes of the call, TJ driver Marc Bartlett was on site and had begun to move the material under police escort.

A second lorry, driven by Lee Hammond, was on site by 16:30 to provide further assistance with the transportation.

In total, TJ transported 13 loads of sand, all accompanied by a 6-wheel army vehicle to ensure safety as well as help with the transportation of the materials. From initial contact to job completion was just under four hours, which demonstrates TJ’s commitment to first-class customer service and their ability to provide services at short notice to meet demand.

Dan Shortt, Transport Supervisor at TJ said: “I’m glad we could help resolve the situation and that we were able to turn it around so quickly. I’m nominating both drivers for company employee of the month as I was hugely impressed with their willingness to get involved at 16:00 on a Friday and their enthusiasm to get the job done.”

A 200m cordon was put in place on Friday after the device was discovered near Hogmoor Road, in Bordon, Hampshire. An explosives ordnance disposal team were called and the device was detonated on Saturday morning.

TJ also specialise in the supply of aggregates and have their own quarry in Hythe, where their own supply of sand comes from.

Find out more about TJ’s haulage services and keep us in mind for any last-minute transport requirements that come up.

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Luke Haskell
24 September 2019