TJ establishes recycling route for mattresses

TJ are pleased to announce that they have found a recycling route for mattresses, a product that in the past may have ended up being sent to landfill. TJ is an avid supporter of diverting waste from landfill and this is a big step forward in the bid to improve recycling rates.

TJ recycles up to 100% of the waste that they process and this new partnership with a third party recycling facility has added yet another string to TJ’s bow.

Last year TJ built relationships with two local companies to enable plastic ice cream tubs to be recycled into pellets which can then be used to make new products.

TJ has a contract with a local organisation to dispose of large numbers of used mattresses each year, so this new route will make the process easier as well as more eco-friendly.

The mattresses will be transported using TJ’s fleet of lorries to the facility in Kent. Once there, the mattresses will be taken apart to separate the different materials. Most modern mattresses are made of different types of foam with a textile covering so these will be categorised so that each can be recycled separately.

TJ General Manager Luke Haskell said:

“We are always looking to identify new and better ways to recycle to divert waste from landfill and ensure that each and every one of our waste disposal processes is as environmentally friendly as possible. This new venture is very exciting as it gives us a way of recycling a high volume waste type, which has historically been difficult to dispose of.”

Find out more about TJ’s recycling processes and avenues and the commercial waste management services they could offer your business.

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Luke Haskell
25 August 2020