TJ provide face masks for all staff

TJ has purchased 250 washable, reusable face masks, enabling them to provide one to every member of staff. The masks are bespoke and carry the TJ branding and will be given to all employees – office-based, site-based and drivers alike.

TJ prioritises staff health and safety and wants to ensure that every single employee has their own mask that they are able to wear at work as well as outside of work if they wish.

We’ve also taken delivery of a significant number of additional disposable face masks, which will be available for staff and visitors at our transfer stations should they need them.

TJ ordered the masks several weeks ago and it seemed it was well-timed as the Government has since announced that face masks will be compulsory in all retail outlets from 25 July.

TJ has around 235 employees in total, spread between the head office in Fareham, the Bristol premises, our four Materials Recovery Facilities at Portsmouth, Southampton and Yapton, our two Quarries at Hythe and Butser, and our drivers who are out and about on the road.

General Manager Luke Haskell said: “This is an additional step that we have chosen to take to ensure the safety of our valued employees. Although it will not be compulsory to wear the masks at all times whilst at work, we will encourage wear wherever possible to limit any risks.”

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Luke Haskell
28 July 2020