TJ provides immediate assistance with emergency repairs

TJ Transport came to the rescue over the Christmas period when disaster struck at a railway embankment near Guildford. Suttle Projects Limited were mid-way through piling works on the railway embankment at Wanborough, when a landslide occurred following bad weather.

The incident happened during the week between Christmas and New Year – a particularly challenging time when many of the companies that could have assisted them in rectifying the problem were closed for the Christmas break.

With customer service always at the forefront of what we do, we remain operational during this time, to ensure an exceptional year-round service to our clients. We were able to respond quickly and efficiently when Suttle Projects called upon us for help.

The request came in on New Year’s Eve. TJ delivered 3,200 tonnes of backfill to structure aggregate – limestone – to the site over a three-day period, with the first load arriving within 12 hours. The limestone was sourced from Eastleigh rail terminal with co-operation of one of TJ’s local key suppliers.

The job was completed successfully with the help of 15 tipper and artic lorry drivers and support staff coordinating the movements from head office to ensure everything went smoothly and that the clients’ needs were met every step of the way.

TJ’s Commercial and Operations Manager Paul Smith said:

“We’re pleased that we were able to respond to the request for assistance immediately to help our client resolve the issue quickly and with minimal fuss. We worked together to get it sorted in an efficient manner, which is always our aim.”

Dave Penney, Suttle Projects Sales Manager said:

“When the first truck load of materials turned up at 6am, it put some smiles on faces! The service was brilliant, TJ was so responsive to all our changes, especially as we made the requests on New Year’s Eve. Thanks to TJ for all your help!”

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Luke Haskell
8 February 2021