TJ to open new depot in Shoreham

TJ Transport has plans to open a new depot in Shoreham to enable a closer working relationship with clients in Sussex, including Tarmac, with whom we secured a five-year, multi-million pound contract last year. The depot, which is situated at Tarmac’s Shoreham Wharf Marine Aggregates site, will provide a base for our growing fleet of subcontractor vehicles as well as a number of our own tipper trucks.

TJ’s Tarmac contract involves hauling aggregates and asphalt in the central south coast area on behalf of Tarmac, who are the UK’s largest supplier of construction materials. TJ is responsible for all of Tarmac’s haulage work in the areas between Brighton and Bournemouth, which equates to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aggregates per annum.

When TJ secured the contract, they automatically took on 30 of the existing contract hauliers that Tarmac were employing to ensure continuity and manage the workload effectively and this is continuing to work well.

TJ’s Haulage & Subcontract Development Manager, Dan Shortt, has been tasked with running the Shoreham depot. He said:

“This is a very exciting step in my TJ career; being chosen to head up this new venture is incredible! It’s a great opportunity to take a step into a new area as well as increase my overall understanding of the business as a whole. It’s also an exciting step forward in our partnership with Tarmac as it will enable us to work much more closely with them.”

Dan is responsible for all operations at the Shoreham base, from recruiting drivers to making sure we hit our targets and deliver on the company tagline: Excellence. Delivered safely. The Shoreham team consists of around 15 members of staff who Dan manages on a day to day basis. He will also be getting to grips with the data and figures to ensure business is the best it can be, as well as working on building strong relationships with drivers, customers and suppliers alike.

Although the main motivator for this new venture is to continue building our partnership with Tarmac and to work more closely with them, it also presents exciting opportunities for TJ to expand into the East Sussex area and create other new partnerships as well.

Having a base in East Sussex will increase our capability to provide a range of competitively-priced services in the area, everything from haulage and muckaway to aggregate supply services. All companies in the East and West Sussex areas and surrounding counties are invited to get in touch for quotes.

Haulier partnership is an area that TJ is continually looking to expand upon, so if you’re a haulage company in the South East, South West or Midlands regions who would like to consider joining forces with us, please get in touch.

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Luke Haskell
24 June 2021