TJ’s commitment to continual investment

TJ has invested over £1 million in their facilities, equipment and vehicles this year, with excellent customer service and carbon footprint in mind to ensure the most positive outcomes for their customers and the environment.

TJ carry out continual research and development of investments to ensure they are achieving the most cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and operationally suitable replacements for all mobile plant, vehicles and fixed installations across their sites.

Forest Lodge Quarry in Hythe and Butser Quarry near Petersfield have seen significant investment this year. A specialised Finlay sand screener has been installed at Forest Lodge Quarry to produce different material grades and types to widen the markets that the products can be aimed at and sold to.

They have also had a new dust suppression system put in place to provide protection to the surrounding environment and residential areas. This is a permanent water-based atomiser along the fence line, which is fed by a high pressure pump and captures dust particles to prevent them from polluting the surrounding area. TJ are very mindful of their neighbours and always endeavour to do all they can to ensure their operations have minimal impact on them.

Butser Quarry now has a Maximus soil screener to produce differing grades and types of materials, which will expand the potential markets for the products. Both Butser and Forest Lodge have received new tractor/bowser combinations, which spray water on the ground to suppress dust and promote cleaner roads.

TJ has four materials recovery facilities and three inert recycling facilities across the southern region. The Tipner and Dibbles Wharf sites have both had full fire suppression systems fitted to fulfil part of their environmental protection responsibilities. Tipner has also had a new weighbridge installed to ensure accuracy in the weighing of all materials arriving onsite.

Kingsley Quarry, one of TJ’s inert recycling facilities, has received huge investment this year to improve business and staff wellbeing. A Maximus soil screener has been purchased to enable the production of different grades and types of material, which should lead to a wider market for the products. A new Komatsu dozer will ensure greater efficiency in operations, as well as providing the operator with improved comfort whilst carrying out the work.

TJ are working in partnership with Stoneham Golf Course on a three-year project to create a new practice ground. TJ has installed a wheelbath at the worksite exit to promote cleanliness and ensure that no materials are transferred onto the highway, reducing the impact on neighbours. TJ have also provided a cabin to give their employees a base with the essential facilities.

TJ are committed to running and maintaining a new and efficient fleet, with all vehicles being replaced after five years. This year has seen ten vehicle upgrades and they are continuing to replace all Euro 5 engines with the updated and more environmentally efficient Euro 6 engines. A number of additional skips/rollonoff containers have been purchased this year to maintain the excellent service TJ provides to their customers.

Many future investments are planned for the coming year as well. 2020 will see another ten vehicles being replaced, further investment to update their plant machinery and new machinery for works at both of TJ’s quarries – a new 50t excavator, and a dumper, both of which will ensure operational efficiency with main bulk movements within the quarries.

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Luke Haskell
11 July 2019