TJ’s staff training goes virtual!

TJ is preparing for their annual staff induction, which is due to take place in January, but this year’s event will be a little different from the norm; it’s all going online to ensure staff safety amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Traditionally the annual health and safety event is held over a few days to allow training to take place in TJ’s Bristol base on one day and near their HQ on the south coast for a further two days. The format of the event was revamped last year to bring the two sides of the business – Transport and Waste – together and to deliver more bite-sized slices of information that can be more easily retained by staff.

Since the onset of the pandemic, TJ’s health and safety compliance team has been working on a solution to ensure that the training can go ahead, but at a safe distance. The training received is essential for both site operatives and drivers, who are required to keep their knowledge up to date to ensure they can carry out their jobs safely.

This year, the different elements of the training have been recorded in sections so that each employee can access just those that are relevant to them. The first video will be a general introduction delivered by Lee Downer, TJ’s Fleet Manager and in-house driver CPC trainer. The next video will feature health, safety and welfare information as well as company policies.

The third video will be role-specific – one for site operatives and one for drivers. These videos will consist of some theory followed by practical demonstrations. Transport employees will view Company Procedures & Technology, and Practical Vehicle Walk-around Checks & Truck Force. Waste employees will view Daily Plant Checks & RPE Maintenance and Company Procedures.

The videos will be delivered via Microsoft PowerPoint as a recorded slide. Staff will receive an email with a link to the videos and given time off in lieu to undertake the training from the comfort of their homes. These videos will also prove valuable for future use as they can also be utilised for new staff as and when they start.

TJ is also working on another project to be able to deliver this training via a brand new staff intranet. This will make the process a lot easier as everything will be in one place and supervisors will be able to see who has watched the videos and who hasn’t. This will allow managers to ensure everyone is completing their training in full and that safety standards are maintained.

When staff log in to the intranet, their own personalised dashboard will appear and the training that is relevant to them will automatically be available.

TJ’s Health and Safety Compliance Supervisor Jack MacFarlane said:

“This new online format will enable us to provide an improved level of training. Furthermore, by making this available via the intranet, each employee will essentially receive training that is tailored to their role. By 2022, we hope to have moved to Adobe Captivate, which is very interactive and will allow us to deliver even better quality training – both annually and regularly throughout the year.”

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Luke Haskell
7 December 2020