Meet Dan Shortt, Haulage & Subcontract Development Manager

Dan joined TJ in 2012 and worked his way up to his current role. His most recent promotion means that he’s responsible for TJ’s new subcontract haulier venture and he’s looking forward to the challenges it will bring. Outside of work Dan enjoys spending quality time with his fiancee and son.

What roles have you had during your time here?

I started as a Transport Coordinator which involves coordinating the drivers’ daily transport movements; managing them each day and scheduling in jobs for the coming days and weeks so that each driver has a daily job list to follow. After three years in that role I was promoted to Transport Supervisor which meant that I oversaw this work for the whole team as well. In February this year, I was promoted to my current role, managing the development of the haulage and subcontracting elements of TJ’s business. This involves bringing additional subcontractors on-board to cover TJ’s ever-growing workload, giving out rates for workloads covered and building relationships. I’m also responsible for the day-to-day running of the transport office.

Has TJ provided continuing professional development opportunities?

TJ has really invested in me by putting me through several areas of training since I joined. I obtained my Transport Manager’s Certificate of Professional Competence, followed by achieving my Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management, which I completed over an 11-month period. This course gave me a greater understanding of business, from staff motivation, finances and legal to the setting up and winding down of a business and everything in between.

TJ also put me through my car license, which was really appreciated. It has enabled me to get out and visit sites, clients and external depots, which is extremely useful in my role.

What are your work objectives for the next year?

To continue working with my team to deliver on the company slogan: Excellence, delivered safely. I also want to help the company push forward and achieve its goals, which is especially important now considering the challenges this year has presented the business world with. I’m keen to carry on growing the subcontract side of the business, which in my new role is my ultimate task and something I’m actively involved in on a day-to-day basis.

What are the most challenging and rewarding elements of your role?

The answer to both sides of this question is actually the same! The obstacles thrown at my team on a daily basis are incredibly challenging and the reward is overcoming those obstacles and obtaining customer satisfaction. Customers’ positive feedback is such a rewarding part of the role. Watching my team grow and progress has been incredibly satisfying for me as well and I always do my best to ensure every team member is given the opportunities and support they need to develop professionally and remain happy in their roles.

What are your proudest TJ work achievements?

I feel proud of many of the things I’ve achieved at TJ, especially the way I’ve progressed professionally and moved up to management roles with greater responsibility. I’m also really proud that I passed the Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management – writing essays doesn’t come easy to me, so to achieve this was a real career highlight.

Why is TJ a great place to work?

The people – TJ is blessed to have a tremendous team of highly skilled professionals. Also TJ’s ethos in supporting and developing its staff has been a huge bonus for me. I’m someone who is always eager to keep developing and this fits perfectly with TJ’s continuing professional development culture.

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