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Meet Michael Longyear, transport coordinator

Michael joined TJ Waste in September and is enjoying learning the ropes and getting to know the team. Outside of work he’s a keen gym-goer and also plays rugby for Havant RFC – his team is the highest ranked in the area! 

Luke Haskell
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What waste cannot be tipped or skipped as standard?

Non-conforming waste streams are materials or substances that do not meet the standard criteria for disposal or recycling. So exactly what materials cannot be tipped or skipped with us?

Luke Haskell
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Your skip delivery: what to expect

So you need a skip and you’ve decided to opt for TJ’s services, perhaps due to our excellent reputation for customer service or the fantastic value for money we offer. […]

Luke Haskell
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TJ Waste - why choose us?

Everyone knows the jingle: “Number 1 on the South Coast – TJ Waste” – that says it all really! We’re well known on the south coast and beyond, and our reputation for excellence precedes us.

Luke Haskell
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POPs - what are they, why comply and how TJ can help…

POPs have been widely mentioned in the news over the past six months, but what actually are POPs, why is it so important to comply with the new rules and what are the consequences if we don’t?

Luke Haskell
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Meet Andy Green, artic driver

Meet Andy Green, arctic driver. Andy joined TJ in 2016 and enjoys the freedom of being on the road. His interests outside of work include motorcycles, going to heavy metal rock concerts and going on his annual camping/motorcycling holiday.

Luke Haskell
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Meet Sharna Hunt, Customer Services Assistant

Sharna joined TJ Waste in April and loves being part of the friendly TJ team. Outside of work she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. She’s often out and about with her two sons, taking part in activities such as bowling, crazy golf or even Go Ape!

Luke Haskell
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Meet Adam Skinner, Transport Coordinator

Adam joined the TJ team in May and is enjoying the great office atmosphere and team spirit. Outside of work Adam enjoys socialising with friends and family and supporting a friend with charity fundraising for Wessex Cancer.

Luke Haskell
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Meet Owain Denton, Operations Assistant

Owain joined the TJ team as an apprentice in November 2021 and is enjoying the combination of learning and on-the-job training. Outside of work he enjoys playing football, running and trips to the gym.

Luke Haskell
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Gareth joined the TJ team last month and is enjoying learning the ropes. Outside of work he is a part-time streamer, which sees him painting gaming models online, and he also enjoys making his own dance music.

Luke Haskell
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