Meet Dion Hinton, Transport Operator

Dion recently joined the TJ team after opting for a change in career. He liked the fact that TJ is known for their high levels of customer service and investment in staff development. Outside of work, Dion likes to take part in all sports from golf to football and enjoys dog walks with his girlfriend.

What was it like joining TJ amidst a pandemic?

It was very bizarre! The interview was face to face, but socially distanced across a large table and there was no hand shaking as there would usually be at an interview. This is my first office job so the differences in the office environment may not be as obvious to me as to others. I was impressed to discover the range of measures TJ is taking to keep staff safe though.

The desks are spaced out around the room to ensure colleagues can be socially distanced at all times and there are screens in between each desk too. The office doors and handles are cleaned regularly throughout the day, there are hand sanitising stations dotted about and there is a ‘clean desk policy’, whereby everyone must leave their desks clear at the end of each day so they can be disinfected each evening.

What made you apply for the job?

I know a couple of people that work here and they’re always saying what a great place it is to work. They’ve only ever said good things about the company. I’ve heard the TJ Waste jingle on the radio many times and seen lots of TJ Transport lorries on the roads so I was aware of the company and interested to find out more. I was looking for a career change so when this job was advertised I decided to go for it. I met the directors and some of the team at my interview and that cemented it in my mind that I really wanted to work here.

What’s your career background?

My previous job was working as a sports coach in a school teaching Primary-aged children PE and running extra curricular clubs. Although I enjoyed that, I was looking for a job that would give me a more structured career path and I feel that is available to me with TJ. I believe there are a lot of prospects here and that if I work hard I will have opportunities to progress. TJ looks after their loyal staff and invests in them so I’m looking forward to proving myself and doing well.

What does your role involve?

I help with the day to day running of the transport fleet. This involves managing the volume of work to ensure the jobs are scheduled efficiently each day and that lorries are routed correctly. I also provide quotes for haulage and aggregates services and place orders too. It’s busy and varied and I’m still on a steep learning curve so every day is different, which is great!

What do you enjoy most about the role?

I really enjoy the interaction with the drivers and being able to assist them with their work. It’s great to know that by doing my job properly, I’m making their lives a bit easier as their day should go more smoothly.

What have you found most challenging so far?

Making sure that the customers are getting what they need and that they go away happy with the service we’re providing. Some customers are unsure about what they need so I sometimes have to advise them based on their requirements. I’m still learning but my primary aim is to ensure all customers receive a first-class service.

What do you hope to achieve in your first year?

I want to gain experience and increase my knowledge about the company and its services and products so I can be 100% confident and competent in my role, without the need to ask anyone for help. It’s already been mentioned that I may be able to complete my CPC training, so I’m looking forward to that as it will give me a greater depth of knowledge about the industry and will be a great addition to my CV.

Why is TJ a great place to work?

The staff are amazing. They all welcomed me immediately and helped me to settle in and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of initial awkwardness, which was lovely. Everyone is more than happy to help and there are always a number of smiley faces ready to answer my questions when I ask!

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