Meet Operations Manager Jason Strudwick

TJ has four materials recovery facilities across the south coast at Southampton, Portsmouth and Yapton, which operate throughout the week. They are busy places with lots going on and many operations to oversee and manage.

Jason Strudwick is TJ’s Operations Manager, responsible for the safe running of these waste operation sites. Jason has worked for TJ for five years and came from a management role in the aggregate industry. He brought with him experience of heavy plant machinery and HGVs and put his knowledge and experience to good use when moulding his new role.

What does your role involve?

I am responsible for the safe operation of TJ’s waste operation sites. This includes quality control, staffing and maintenance. I’m out and about a lot, dealing with situations at the different sites and running checks and generally overseeing things. I make sure I’m available if staff need my input on something and I’m always looking for ways to ensure the smooth running of  the facilities.

I deal with all the recruitment for the stations, always keen to ensure we have full teams made up of the right people to carry out the high quality TJ service people expect. I’m also very hands-on, getting involved in machine operation and maintenance when needed too.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

Ensuring the safe running of the sites is always at the forefront of my mind. Making sure that we have the right staffing levels is imperative to making this happen, so constant monitoring of staff on duty each day is always one of my top priorities.

Quality assurance is also high up on the list. Being in the recycling business, we have to ensure that the waste that comes into the sites is being sorted and segregated correctly so that everything that can possibly be recycled is recycled.

What are the most rewarding elements of your role?

Knowing that all of our workers are being looked after and kept safe on a daily basis equals job satisfaction for me.

I also like the fact that my role is very varied; I never know what’s going to come up from one day to the next which keeps it interesting! I visit all three sites throughout the week and it’s great to get to know all the staff too.

Tell us about your top work achievement…

During my time at TJ, I’ve put a system in place to facilitate communication between staff at the waste stations as well as with myself to enable the smooth running of the sites. It has also worked to ensure that training is put in place where it’s needed and that staff are happy and know they have someone they can go to with any concerns.

What made you want to work for TJ?

I was looking for a change of direction in my career; I wanted to work for a more forward-moving company and TJ fit the bill.

My role gives me a high level of job satisfaction as I feel I achieve a lot every single day and am making a positive impact. The varying daily challenges that present themselves certainly keep me on my toes!

Is there anything you’ve set yourself to achieve in the coming years?

I want to keep pushing forward in relation to ensuring that TJ is keeping up with new technology and investing in new equipment as and when it’s needed. I’m also excited to implement any new innovations that come up within the waste industry itself too.

How do you wind down at the end of the week?

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and also partaking in a bit of kayak fishing when I get the chance! It combines my two favourite activities and is a lot of fun – as long as you stay inside the kayak!

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