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Ecofficiency evolved on the concept of delivering more value whilst creating less impact on the environment. Using best codes of environmental practice and innovative methods, their dedicated project teams deliver managed solutions, supported by EcoIntelligence, their new online management portal.

Environmental sustainability is now an essential requirement for any successful business. Ecofficiency’s vast experience in the waste management and recycling industry has given them an excellent understanding of what KPIs their customers are looking to achieve to meet demanding business needs in today’s competitive market.


As a provider of outsourced waste management and recycling services, Ecofficiency have trusted suppliers all over the country with whom they are partnered to successfully deliver their services to customers. TJ Waste has been an approved supplier on Ecofficiency’s books for some years and has provided ad hoc services for them occasionally in the past.

When Ecofficiency secured a number of house building contracts with a leading national housebuilder in the southern counties last year, they immediately thought of TJ. The requirement would be to supply a range of skips to between 7 and 10 house building sites in the south, removing them on request when full and replacing them with empty ones. TJ would then be responsible for taking the waste to one of their Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Southampton, Portsmouth and Yapton for reuse and recycling.


Several companies bid for the work, but Ecofficiency chose TJ’s services for several reasons. Firstly, Ecofficiency’s Procurement Manager, Danny Czepiec had built up a good rapport with TJ’s General Manager Luke Haskell, who he had dealt with several times in the past. This had instilled confidence in TJ as a company and the foundation of trust had been laid. Secondly, Ecofficiency was pleased with the competitive rates that they were able to secure for the services, making TJ’s services excellent value for money.

Thirdly, Ecofficiency liked the fact that TJ is a well-established company of a certain size and with a good, reliable reputation. This also inspired confidence and they liked the fact that TJ has several MRFs across the south coast that could be utilised. Finally, one of Ecofficiency’s main missions is to provide their services whilst ‘creating less impact on the environment’. TJ’s strong ethos for recycling and dedication to diverting waste from landfill fits in completely with this mission. TJ endeavours to recycle up to 100% of the waste that they handle and are constantly striving to identify new recycling routes for traditionally challenging materials such as hard plastics.


TJ has been providing these services for Ecofficiency for over three months now and so far they are extremely pleased with the service provided. It has gotten off to a good start with communication between the two companies remaining clear and open and the liaison between the individual sites and TJ’s drivers positive.

Procurement Manager Danny Czepiec said: “TJ Waste have demonstrated consistently that they can offer services in line with Ecofficiency’s strategic supplier partner agreement, which focuses on not only on key service deliverables, but also working towards environmental and compliance targets also. Reliable suppliers such as TJ Waste are critical for Ecofficiency to allow local provision of services throughout our wide and varied client base. We look forward to developing our relationship further in the coming years throughout Hampshire.”

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