Skip hire: “I was pleased with the service from start to finish.”


Dave and Vicky were pleased with their new porch and happy to organise the removal of the waste themselves. However, life took over, the months passed and the pile of rubble on their drive started to grow weeds!

Not only was the pile of rubble unsightly, but it was blocking part of their drive and proving to be a bit of a parking hazard! When spring arrived, Dave trimmed a huge hedge in their front garden, depositing the large amount of cuttings on the front lawn and this was the final push they needed to finally book a skip!


They were unsure of what size skip to book and used TJ’s skip hire pages to help them make a decision. They checked the individual skip sizes and mocked them up on the drive. By doing this they came to the conclusion that the 8-yard, mixed waste skip was the right one for their needs.

Vicky said:

“The description of each of the skips is very helpful, it gives you the exact dimensions which makes it easier to work out how much waste will fit in and how much space it will take up on your drive. It also details how many bin bags it will hold, which is useful as it puts the amount of waste it will hold into context.”

Vicky received an email confirmation of the order including delivery and collection dates. In the days leading up to delivery (and collection), she also received reminder text messages that included contact details should any adjustments need to be made to the order.


The day before the delivery was due, Vicky realised that she may not be in when the skip was delivered, so she contacted the TJ team to advise them of where she wanted it placed on the drive.

Vicky said:

“The skip arrived in the morning before I’d left the house so I was actually able to speak to the driver. I went outside to greet him and he was very friendly and said he had instructions to place it in front of the garage, but with room to open the door, which was exactly what I’d requested the previous day. The driver delivered the skip quickly, efficiently and maneuvered the lorry well, especially considering what a busy main road we live on.”

Dave and Vicky had hired the skip for 10 days, giving themselves two weekends to fill it. They started by depositing the heavy rubble at the bottom, followed by the huge pile of hedge cuttings. There was still plenty of room left, so Dave also cleared a pile of garden waste that had been accumulating at the bottom of the garden since the first lockdown. With still more room to play with, they had a sort through the garage, getting rid of a couple of old doors, some wood and even some old carpet!


Dave said:

“It was great to finally get everything cleared away and I was amazed at how much fitted in the skip. When it arrived I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough, but everything we had fit into it. While we had the skip our washing machine broke, so we sent the TJ team a quick email to ask if that could go in too and we were delighted to discover it could!”

Vicky added:

“On collection day, the skip was removed early in the morning and we weren’t even aware! The driver was very quiet and no one heard him arrive, load or leave, which was pretty impressive for a large lorry loading metal onto metal! I was pleased with the service from start to finish and I will definitely be using TJ’s skip hire service next time we have the need.”

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