Hythe Quarry: prioritising staff safety, customer service and CSR

TJ has been successfully and safely operating Hythe Quarry for over two years and during that time in excess of 100,000 tonnes of aggregate have been quarried and supplied to businesses in the local area and beyond.

The quarry produces two aggregates – sand and ballast, which are available at different times as the dig progresses. The sand has many uses including building and construction (for blinding, bedding, general fill, mortar and plastering), cattle bedding, bunkers on golf courses and school sand pits. The ballast is ideal for onward screening/washing, bedding and drainage fill.

TJ prioritise staff wellbeing. The quarry has three full-time members of staff and TJ ensures that each employee has everything they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Staff receive annual safety training updates and there have been zero accidents or injuries on-site, which is a testament to TJ’s professionalism.

Phase 1 complete

TJ has recently completed the dig of Phase 1 at Hythe Quarry and are now moving on to prepare the area for refill. The quarry is split into 3 phases, whereby each ‘phase’ will be quarried at different times. This will increase efficiency because as one phase of the dig completes, it can be refilled whilst the next phase is being quarried.

TJ has secured a permit so that they can now start the process of filling Phase 1 of the quarry, with the eventual aim of restoring it – and the entire site – to arable land. To ensure this outcome, TJ will only be filling the space with inert soil, which will promote growth in the future.

Construction sites in Hampshire and the surrounding counties are encouraged to get in touch if they have inert waste that they need to dispose of; TJ will come and collect for a very reasonable price – contact us for a quote.

Phase 2 commencing

Alongside the filling, TJ will also be starting on Phase 2 of the quarry dig. It is unknown how much of each of the two materials – sand and ballast – will be found beneath the surface, but it is expected that the majority of the Phase 2 material will be sand.

TJ Director Jamie Higgins said:

“The Hythe Quarry operations are going really well with Phase 1 of the quarrying now complete. Our sand and ballast have proved popular with the local construction and farming industries due to their versatility. It’s great to be able to source and supply our own materials to the industries that need them and we’re excited that we can now also provide our own outlet for inert soil disposal too.”

In the community

TJ is dedicated to supporting local causes in order to give something back to the community. TJ donated 10 tonnes of specialist path gravel, which came from Hythe Quarry, to pave footpaths in Warren Copse, an ancient woodland in Fawley, Hampshire.

Warren Copse, a 13-acre site, was purchased by Fawley Parish Council as a Public Amenity in 2009 to complement Holbury Manor which it already owned. The volunteers responsible for managing the site, the Warren Copse and Holbury Manor Conservation Group, were keen to improve the footpaths by using locally sourced path gravel.

A member of the conservation group, Eddie Holtham, said

“I’d like to thank TJ Transport for the donation. The wood has not been managed for nearly 100 years and this morning we have been coppicing an area of Hazel to try and bring it back to its normal life cycle.”

Find out more about Hythe Quarry as well as TJ’s Butser Quarry, which provides a supply of local rock chalk, a versatile building material. Get in touch to find out more about our operations or aggregates!

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