TJ helps resolve health and safety incident

When disaster struck on a busy residential street in Portsmouth recently, TJ was there to help! A chimney had fallen on Norman Road, Southsea, and it needed to be made safe, with the waste being removed swiftly.

The landlord of the property with the damaged chimney instructed building contractor Litten Group to undertake the repair work. They in turn contacted Building Control, who advised that the chimney and surrounding area must be made safe as a matter of urgency.

Litten reacted quickly and efficiently, immediately contacting us to arrange a skip for them. As the property does not have anywhere to store a skip off-road, a permit had to be supplied along with the skip, which under normal circumstances can take up to five days to arrange and receive. 

Litten contacted Hampshire Highways to request an emergency same-day permit, and this request was granted. They then got in touch with Colas (who are responsible for issuing permits on behalf of Portsmouth City Council) to arrange the permit. From there, we delivered the requested skip, along with the permit to the site that same day. 

Litten arranged the scaffolding and the job was able to be undertaken within a matter of hours, ensuring public safety and clearing the street of all unwanted waste.

This incident occurred on a Friday and led to the Litten Group team working outside normal hours – they were on-site until 10pm – to get the job done, demonstrating their dedication to ensuring the site was safe. This is the fourth emergency structural job that Litten has undertaken in the last six months, all of which have had positive outcomes.

Upon completion, we removed the skip from site and took the waste back to our Tipner Materials Recovery Facility for sorting, segregating and onward recycling. This type of waste (bricks and rubble) is likely to be directed to our Butser Quarry, where it will be repurposed for use in the production of our own recycled aggregate, iBlend.

We’re dedicated to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill and endeavour to reuse or recycle up to 100% of the waste that we handle. We process all waste in line with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) protocol. 

Joe Borr, Group Director of Litten Group said: “A big thank you to all who supported this emergency job. We kept the public safe after the demand by Building Control and we couldn’t haven’t done it without you!”

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Luke Haskell
19 February 2024